Is Cod Mobile Pay to Win in 2022? – Answered


Everyone has heard about Pay to Win games. And more than half of us have played pay to win games at least once. So, what does it mean?  This is a game that is actually completely free, participation in it requires only technical means. However, the increase in the progress or improvement of gameplay in this game directly depends on the funds you invest. In fact, players without a donation cannot physically reach the same level of the game as those who donate real money.

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By the way, in most cases, founders do not want to turn their project into a Pay to Win game, but without investment, any game can not work. So, at the start, most companies make unprofitable advertising contracts, that in a long run force them to make a game pay to win.

Is Cod Mobile Pay to Win?

In the situation with the Call of Duty Mobile, everything is a little harder. There are donate perks in the game that can contribute to the level of your game. Usually, such games are called pay to win. However, the share of assistance is quite low, so physically a person can play even at a better level than a person who paid a lot for a game. So it’s up to you to decide how to classify this game. However, according to the poll, the audience of the game does not consider it Pay to Win.

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Is Cod Mobile Pay to Win in 2022? – Answered


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