Do Decor and Sticker Pikmin Do Different Damage Points in Mushroom Battles?

Is it Possible to Get 5-Stars in Pikmin Bloom Mushroom Challenge?

Pikmin Bloom has 22 different types of decor and 7 main varieties of Pikmin, making a total of 154 Pikmin types to collect. One of these Decor Pikmin types is the Roadside Pikmin, a catch-all Pikmin type decorated with a lettered sticker. These are a pretty common Decor type as they can be found almost anywhere that doesn’t have a specific designated area type, such as the beach, park, cafe, or airport. All of these various types of Pikmin can be sent on Expeditions to find Seedlings and Fruits, or to battle Mushrooms. But which cause the most damage points? And do different Decor Pikmin types do different amounts of damage? Find out below.

Doing Damage in Mushroom Battles

The Mushroom Battles are unlocked in Pikmin Bloom when players reach level 15. Players can send their Pikmin on Expeditions to destroy different sized Mushrooms that can be found around the neighborhood. Different Pikmin types do different amounts of damage which is also determined by the color of the Mushroom—each color Pikmin does more damage to its corresponding color Mushroom.

Red Mushrooms in Pikmin Bloom (via Reddit)

The different sizes of Mushrooms (Small, Normal, Large, Giant) have increasing amounts of health points that the Pikmin have to try to attack. Regular Red/Blue/Yellow Pikmin with no Decor all have standard attack power. Purple and Rock Pikmin are the strongest, while Winged and White are the weakest.

pikmin decor types
Some Pikmin Decor Types

Attack power is increased by leveling up Friendship Hearts, when the Pikmin have petals, and when they have Decor. It also helps to match the color of the Pikmin to the color of the Mushroom wherever possible. The faster you battle and destroy the Mushroom, the more points you receive, and the more likely you are to gain a four-star rating for the battle.

Decor_Red_Roadside Pikmin Bloom
Roadside Decor Pikmin have a lettered sticker

A Pikmin’s Decor adds another 4 attack points to the Pikmin’s power. This can be absolutely any Decor, including Roadside Decor. The lettered stickers may not be the most exciting Decor, but they are still just as effective in battles!

Good luck in your Mushroom Battles!

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Do Decor and Sticker Pikmin Do Different Damage Points in Mushroom Battles?


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