Diablo Immortal: Shadows Faction vs. Immortals Faction Comparison Guide


Diablo Immortal is an incredible action RPG for PC and mobile devices. And one of the most interesting features is the choice of the Faction. There are 3 Factions in total, and each will give players a different gaming experience. So, in this guide, we will compare Shadows Faction and Immortals Faction.

Diablo Immortal – Shadows Faction

After reaching level 43, the player can try to join one of two Factions. An infinite number of players can join the Shadows. And their main goal is to build up strength to defeat the Immortals Faction. The outcome of this “war” will be decided during the PvP event called Cycle of Strife. In addition to bonuses to stats in this Faction, you will also be able to engage in special activities:

  • Assembly – After joining the Dark Clan, you will be able to receive rewards.
  • Recruiting – Using Akeba Signet you can bring a new member to the Faction.
  • Contracts – Complete various quests.
  • Path of Blood – Solo quest with good rewards.
  • Raid the Vault – Raid the Vault of the Immortals for treasure.
  • Battleground – PvP arena for all Factions.
  • Rite of Exile – Battle with the Immortals, after which, some Shadows will become Immortals.

Diablo Immortal – Immortals Faction

Immortals are the Faction of the strongest players. In total, there can be no more than 500 Immortals on the server. And the goal of this Faction is to defeat the Shadows. Here, instead of a bonus to stats, players will receive different rewards based on contributing to the Faction. Here is a list of all activities:

  • Gain Dominance – You contribute to receiving rewards.
  • Daily Goals – Complete simple daily tasks to increase your rank.
  • Defend the Vault – You must protect your Vault from the Shadows.
  • Kion’s Ordeal – Raid with good rewards.
  • Battleground – PvP arena for all Factions.
  • Rite of Exile – Participate in the battle against the Shadows for dominance.

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Well, as you can see, these Factions are very different. Although the Immortals are very strong, it is difficult to join them. At the same time, it is easier to join the Shadows, but it is more difficult to take top places in the Dark Clans. So, choose the Faction that you like the most.

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Diablo Immortal: Shadows Faction vs. Immortals Faction Comparison Guide


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