Diablo Immortal Mount Zavain Location Guide: Map, Bosses, Walkthrough


While you explore the dangerous world of Diablo Immortal, you will visit many unique locations. Each location has its own story, secondary quests, valuable rewards, and bosses. To level up your character, you must visit new locations, and today we will tell you everything you need to know about Mount Zavain Location.

Diablo Immortal Mount Zavain Location Guide

Mount Zavain Location is a dangerous but incredibly beautiful location high up in the mountain. You unlock Mount Zavain after reaching level 45, and you will stay on this mountain until level 50, after which you can go to even more dangerous lands of Diablo Immortal.

There are legends that it was on Mount Zavain that the first monks appeared, and some of them still live and train among dangerous rocks. You may be able to meet one of them.

Map Mount Zavain in Diablo Immortal

Once you get to Mount Zavain, the game will guide you through story quests. But some secondary quests need to be looked for and to make it easier, we prepared for you a map of all the important places on Mount Zawain.

The map shows the locations of the main NPCs, boss spawn locations, entrances to hidden lairs, valuable items, and repeatable quests. With this map at hand, you won’t wander around the map, and you’ll always know where to go.

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Walkthrough Mount Zavain Location in Diablo Immortal

Your main task in the Mount Zavain area is to find the last Worldstone Shard. To achieve this goal, you will need to complete the following story quests:

  • Docks of Westmarch
  • Into the Mountains
  • The Khazra’s Aggression
  • Free the Captured
  • Devious Magic
  • Into the Khazra Den
  • The Stranger’s Identity
  • Track Dravec
  • Suspicious Cave
  • Continue the Chase
  • Strange Wooden Hut
  • Continue the Chase
  • Evil Stronghold
  • Dravec’s Conspiracy
  • Save the Temple
  • Take Back the Worldstone Shard
  • Showdown at the Peak

All other quests in the location are optional, and if you do not want to walk through them, you can not do this.

Bosses Mount Zavain Location in Diablo Immortal

At the Mount Zavain location, you can fight two bosses. These bosses are called Lord Martanos and Ancient Nightmare.

You can fight Lord Martanos once every 30 minutes and have a chance to get a Zakarum Sigil.

Next, you need to wait for the message that the Ancient Nightmare has appeared on Mount Zavain. This boss will follow the one route, and your task is to defeat him.

This boss has a powerful shield that destroys everything in its path. To defeat the Ancient Nightmare, you need to activate the altars that weaken the shield and damage the boss. Using the Zakarum Sigil will allow you to use the altars more often and defeat the boss faster.

After the boss’s death, a chest with valuable rewards and crafting ingredients will appear on the map.

In our today’s guide, we told you everything you need to know about the Mount Zavain location and how to get a walkthrough of it. If you want to know more about other locations in the game, we suggest you read our other Diablo Immortal guides.

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Diablo Immortal Mount Zavain Location Guide: Map, Bosses, Walkthrough


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