How to Get Blood-soaked Jade Crystal and Best Builds in Diablo Immortal


If you want to create a strong character, sooner or later you will have to use various gems, and the best of them are legendary ones. There are many legendary gems in the game, and each of them will give your character a little increase in stats and several helpful abilities. Today we will talk about the Blood-soaked Jade Crystal, tell you how to get it and what builds to use it.

How to Get Blood-soaked Jade Crystal in Diablo Immortal

Blood-soaked Jade Crystal is a legendary 5-star gem that increases your movement speed and damage and is the best gem for any DPS.

When using a Blood-soaked Jade Crystal, you gain the following bonuses:

  • Resonance: +30 – 100
  • Combat Rating: +12 – 24.
  • Your movement speed is increased by 10%, and any damage you deal was increased by 4% to 8%. The lower the damage bonus – the lower your health, but not less than 4%.
  • If you are below 50% health, you take 2% less damage.
  • The chance to find magic items increased by 15%.

To get the Blood-soaked Jade Crystal, you can use one of the following methods:

  • Visit NPC Seril and use it to craft a Blood-soaked Jade Crystal. For crafting, you will need 100 runes and 1600 platinum. As a result, you will receive a random gem, and if you are lucky, it will be a Blood-soaked Jade Crystal.
  • You can buy a Blood-soaked Jade Crystal from the Marketplace for between 40k and 100k platinum.

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Best Builds with Blood-soaked Jade Crystal in Diablo Immortal

As we said, Blood-soaked Jade Crystal is a valuable legendary gem that will come in handy for any DPS character. There are a lot of builds using this gem, but below we will tell you about two of the best.

Best Build for Wizard

Diablo Immortal Best Wizard Build – Skills, Legendary Items & Gems | Turtle  Beach Blog

  • Phoenix Mantle
  • Memory of Xiaoyu
  • Galebringer’s Leggings
  • Ellora’s Fervor
  • windshaper
  • The Siphon


  • Everlasting Torment
  • Chained Death
  • Bloody Reach
  • Blood-soaked Jade
  • Phoenix Ashes
  • Blessing of the Worthy

Best Build for Demon Hunter


  • Vision of the Light
  • Hailstone Shoulders
  • Heart of Vengeance
  • Coff’s Unrelenting Fury


  • Blood-soaked Jade
  • Power & Command
  • Berserker’s Eye
  • Sleeping Bile
  • Frozen Hearth
  • Caarsen’s Invigoration

In our guide today, we’ve covered everything you need to know about the Blood-soaked Jade Crystal and what builds to use it in. If you get this gem, consider yourself very lucky, because even if you do not need it, you can sell it for a high price and buy yourself several other legendary gems.

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How to Get Blood-soaked Jade Crystal and Best Builds in Diablo Immortal


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