Diablo Immortal All Traders List and Location


When someone talks about an RPG game, the first you think of is dungeons, quests, monsters, equipment, and skills. But there is another integral part of any RPG game – NPCs. There are many NPCs in every RPG game. Some of them are good, others are evil, but some speak only the language of gold, silver, and other valuables, and these NPCs are called Traders. Today we will talk about these greedy, but very helpful guys, and tell you about all the trader’s locations in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal All Traders List and Location

When you start playing Diablo Immortal, you dream of incredible battles and valuable rewards, and you can get what you want. But to become stronger, earn coins, and buy more powerful equipment, you will have to interact with traders. There are many unique traders in Diablo Immortal, and at different stages of the game, you will visit each of them. But so that you don’t forget where each NPC is located, we have prepared for you a list of all the traders in the game and the locations where you can meet them.

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Diablo Immortal All Traders List

Jondo Mouren. This NPC sells emblems in the courtyard next to the Rifts of the Ancients.
Cellick. A trader selling embers and runes. This is a helpful NPC if you want to create legendary gems.
Lieutenant Physria. A trader offers many interesting trades for hilts.
Charsi. A trader from whom you can buy and improve equipment.
Dia. A trader that will help you buy items from other players and sell your items to other adventurers.
Yakin. A merchant from whom you can buy antiques, mysterious weapons, and mysterious equipment.
Vas. A merchant from whom you can buy amulets.
Lanali. She’s not exactly a merchant, but you’ll be coming to her to identify unidentified items.
Zamina. For a small amount, it will preserve the essence of your weapon. Helpful merchant if you want to build a collection of weapons.
Vic. Gemstone trader.

Today we told you about all the traders you can meet during the game. But there are other helpful NPCs, such as those that will guide you to dangerous dungeons. If you want to learn more about Diablo Immortal, read our other guides, and you can know much more about the game.

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Diablo Immortal All Traders List and Location


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