Diablo Immortal Best Builds to Play Solo


The build you use strongly affects your gameplay. Therefore, it is necessary to have a powerful build. It is much easier to have the best build if you are playing with friends. However, what to choose if you enjoy playing solo? Read the guide, and you will find out.

Barbarian Build Diablo Immortal

Barbarian is one of the strongest classes in the game. Therefore, it is logical that the Barbarian build is the most powerful in the game. Barbarians are fast and have a lot of hp, it allows them to survive longer than other classes. Also, they have AoE attacks, which fits the best for solo mode.

However, all of these benefits you can get if you use the powerful build. So, it is recommended to use Lacerate, Sprint, Whirlwind, Wrath of the Berserker, and Hammer of the Ancients. This set will maximally strengthen the Barbarian.

Demon Hunter Build Diablo Immortal

Demon Hunter is the class with maximum damage per second in Diablo Immortal. Opposite to the barbarian, this character can damage only solo targets. It fits the best for leveling up and farming dungeons.

To Play Demon Hunter you need to use Crossbow Shot, Multishot, Rain of Vengeance, Daring Swing, and Vengeance. However, it is necessary to have demon hunter maximally updated. The point is that Vengeance and Daring Swing are the main skills you will use the most.

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Crusader Build Diablo Immortal

Crusader is a true damage dealer in Diablo Immortal. Crusader also provides the best AoE attacks in the game. However, this class can not boast nice survivability, one of the most important characteristics to solo. Also, the crusader has the opportunity to ride a horse, which makes him the fastest character in the game.

So, while playing by this class, use Punish, Draw and Quarter, Consecration, Falling Sword, and Spinning Shield.

That is all about best build to play Diablo Immortal solo. Hope this guide was helpful for you!

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Diablo Immortal Best Builds to Play Solo


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