The Secret Bride update in Destiniy Child introduces Season 8 to the game, offering massive amounts of new content in the popular RPG and we’re here to share with you all the details!

We’re talking about new battles, new childs, new shops and events, all of them ready to reward the most active players with amazing loot and goodies that will make an already great game even better.

The main star of the Season 8 update in Destiny Child is the Secret Bride event which is basically a boss raid that’s here to stay until May 14th, with great rewards for players: Five-Star Raid Childs and other Five-Star characters, limited edition costumes for Raid Childs, equipment and more.

This also means that we’re getting three new characters in Destiny Child:

  • Romantic Iphis – Dark Type, Debuffer
  • Bridal Hildr – Light Type, Attacker
  • Pure White Pomona – Light Type, Healer

But this is not all! There are a plethora of other in-game events to round up this impressive update and make the Secret Bride even better:

1. Lisa’s Extra Lessons: a new in-game section where players can complete assignments to receive fully-leveled characters (6 star, Lvl 60 characters, with Tier 7 Level 10 Skills). This in-game section is only here until May 28, so make sure to take advantage of it ASAP!

2. Free Summon Event – Until May 14, players can perform 3~5 star 10 x Child Summon once per day

3. Ragna Break Platinum Treasure Chest Event – Triple chance of summoning a 5-star Child from the Platinum Treasure Chest.

4. Gold Gold Para-Dice –  Players can earn in-game dice roll for rewards, until May 7.

5. Costume Shop – New items and discounts in the in-game costume shop.

6. Day Dungeons – Dungeons of All Type are open until the end of the month.

In other words, we’re getting an impressive new update with tons of content to keep us busy and, most importantly, to keep us playing more than ever: you need to be as active as you can in order to get all the impressive rewards.

Don’t forget that we already have some Destiny Child tips and tricks shared with you, as well as a tier list that will help you create those unbeatable teams!


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