Ever wanted anime girls to have accurate physics and movements? There you have it! What else is missing? Well, it’s our Destiny Child cheats and tips to make you get the best girls in the game and to help you win every single fight you take.

If you haven’t got mesmerized by this game’s graphics and UHD (Ultra High Definition for those who aren’t familiar with the term) there must be something wrong with you, because it’s clearly been worked hard on. And not to mention the gameplay mechanics. But we aren’t here to praise it, but to deliver all the best Destiny Child tips for you, and that’s exactly what we are going to do.

Assemble a squad

Summon your amazing OP squad (hopefully) of Childs by using Crystals, Blood Gems and Friend Coins in the Summon menu, and you can get anything between 1* and 5* Child (obviously the better ones are the higher star rating ones).

You get a free summon every day, or every time you collect enough resources to do one of the three available types of summons:

Premium Summon Child: where you get a random Child between 3* and 5*, and you can either use 270 Crystals to summon 1, or 2700 Crystals to summon 10 at once.

10x Gold Summon Child: where you summon 10 Childs of random quality (1*-5*) for 330.000 Gold. Can only be done 3 times a day, so good luck getting the best ones you want!

10x Summoning Live: just like Premium Summon Child, but live. (yeah, for real!) I’ll go into detail below.

Summon Equipment: where you summon a piece of Equipment between 3* and 5* quality, and you can either go for a single summon (20k Gold) or 10x summon (200k Gold).

Bloodgem Summon: where you summon a 5* Child guaranteed for the cost of 120 Blood Gem.

Friend Coin Summon: where you get a random useful item summoned, such as Onyx and Gold and it costs 100 Friend Coins.

My suggestion here is to save Gold, which can be easily done by completing quests, achievements and battles and try the three 10x Gold Summons. If you fail to get something good, you can always reset and try again since you’re not in too deep at this point of the game.

There are also a few other methods to summon Childs and items, and that is by using Summoning Tickets. You will get some as rewards from quests and achievements, and others from the Arena Shop and Daily Login Rewards.

Go live and showoff your luck

If you’re feeling lucky and you have 2700 Gems for a summon, this is an epic way to do it. Here, you’ll be live streaming your summons with the people in your Friends List who are willing to watch you. Once you select this option, you have about 30 seconds to prepare for the summoning and for your friends to gather round and spectate.

Here, you can send messages from a pre-selected list, such as Happy, Sad, Mad, etc. and react to the summon. In the live summoning, just like on Twitch, viewers can donate in-game Gold to the broadcaster (100 gold, up to 100 times).

Of course, when you summon you have a chance to summon the same Child several times. If the broadcaster gets such a matching bonus, the viewers receive it too! That’s one of the coolest things I ever heard of in a game. For example, if you get a 2x matching bonus and you have 2 viewers, both will get the reward.

Pick between some cool classes

As you probably noticed so far, each and every character has its own stats. They can belong to a variety of classes and elements, as follows:

– Attacker: The damage dealer, as name implies. They are the main source of damage your team will have.

– Defender: The tank, should always be the front-line.

– Debuffer: As some enemies (bosses primarily and other players in PvP) can get really annoying later on, this class will remove all the buffs they get.

– Supporter: The class that buffs you up, gives extra stats, but not to be confused with Healer (see below). Is extremely useful in PvP and tough boss encounters later on.

– Healer: They heal. (that’s it, pretty much) Most of their skills are around healing, so don’t expect some crazy damage output from this class, because it’s not going to happen.

When assembling a team, always have in mind the synergy between each Child, because sometimes you might not need a Debuffer/Supporter, but depending on the enemy you face, you should always have a second team prepared, with just as much synergy as your first one.

Also, another thing to keep in mind here is that every character has also an element. They can belong to either Water, Wood, Light, Dark and Fire.

Dress to impress (and demolish the enemies)

That’s the dream! You can acquire a different look for each character (or should I actually call them what they are, demons?) you have once their Awakening class reaches S rank. Once you do that, you can choose the new look by selecting the Child, going to the More option, and then Costumes.

Once you do that with each and every character, the unlocked costume will remain no matter if you keep the Child or not (well, that didn’t come out as planned) – if you convert it into Onyx or not.

Do the evolution!

Every Child can be evolved to 6* rarity. That is going to (obviously) increase its stats, and to make it even more awesome basically. To do that, you will need to have a few things in mind, however. The requirements to evolve are these:

– Your Child’s level must have reached max level.

– You must have the Gold necessary. (I’m sure that will not be an issue tho)

– You must have the necessary evolution materials that the respective Child needs.

– You must have a few other Childs of the same rarity.

The number of stuff you need increases with each evolution you do, so for example in order to evolve a 4* into a 5* you’re going to need less materials than you will need for the 5* to 6*. You will need to do this as soon as you max out the Child’s level (in my opinion) and you have collected the materials needed, because that’s going to make your life so much easier with a stronger member on the team.

Don’t forget to awaken them Childs

The Awakening is the equivalent of improving the character’s class. All of the Childs start at E-Class, and by using the Onyx you get from the unwanted Childs (read below) you can improve the ones you want to keep, up to S-Class. The classes are as follows:

E Class

D Class (D+ Class, D++ Class)*

C Class (C+ Class, C++ Class)*

B Class (B+ Class, B++ Class)*

A Class (A+ Class, A++ Class)*

S Class

*The ones in brackets are not needed in order for your Child to advance, but it’s good to have them for further stats improvement. 

The best thing you could do here is to extract Onyx from the 1*-3* Childs that you get, and even from the 4* ones that you will most likely never use. When you do so, that Child will disappear, so it’s best if you keep the ones you like, but say goodbye to the useless ones and just get their Onyx.

Skill up your characters

To further increase your power, you will have to increase the Child’s skill level. Not all of the character’s skills can be leveled up, but only the active ones: the AA (Auto Attack), Tap Skill and Slide Skill. Whenever possible, try to raise them because they will do a ton more damage than you can imagine.

The first ones you should focus one are the ones you use most. Personally, I like using the Slide Skill for my character, but if you prefer the Tap Skill or if you’re more of an AA type of person, skill those up first. You’ll notice the change in no time.

Don’t forget to gear up

It’s best if you have some really high 5* OP gear, but until you get there it’s good to keep some decent equipment on because of the general stats increase. The stuff a Child can equip are Weapons, Armors and Accessories. Also, if you have the required materials, try to refine the gears because it will increase its stats.

Some of these materials can be combined into other ones, so keep an eye out for the ones you need and, if possible, keep re-doing the quests and events if you need a bigger amount of materials.

Be the best! (literally)

If you’re a PvP junky like me, go show the other players what you’re made of. Head on to the Devil Rumble once you reach level 10 and fight for the top of the ladder. This Rumble is the equivalent of an Arena, where each player will battle to reach the top of the league, and will be rewarded accordingly.

From battling alone you will get some Rumble Coins that you can use to buy stuff from the Devil Rumble shop. Here, you can get anything from Tickets to evolution materials and other random items (yeah, like a lollipop for example, no, I’m not joking).

Don’t forget about the daily rewards!

By logging in daily you will get some cool rewards, and they get better as days go by. A cool thing to remember: on the 30th day, you will get a 5* Guaranteed! You know what that means, so keep on logging daily even if you don’t plan on playing that day; just do it for the rewards, and you’ll be thankful later on.

Add more friends

Whenever you pick (at the beginning of a battle) a player to assist you, add them to your friends list because they can see when you’re going live, and that’s a big chance for you to get viewers and Gold. Also, you will get Friend Coins, so it’s good.

Win every fight you take

Like I said, you will need to have a team that has a good synergy. This is one of the important things to keep in mind in the first place. Secondly, you need to time your skills right. Since you have three skills you can choose from (well, two skills and a normal attack), decide when it’s best to use which.

You can also go for the auto-battle option, but like this, the game’s AI uses the skills whenever they are ready, so it might not always be the best option. One of the best things you could do here, is to time your attacker’s skills to your debuffer’s skills. If the enemy is debuffed or has some negative effect that makes them take increased damage, that’s the best time to use the skills.

Adventure into the night

And here I mean Night World. In this option, you can choose to either go into the Underground, the Devil Rumble, Exploration or the Event Dungeon. The other options are the typical shops and the Bar Replays (where you can re-watch the battles), but there aren’t as fun as the ones where you actually have to fight, so we will focus on those.

The Underground is a place that gets progressively more difficult by each level, and you can farm here for the best gears and lots of gold. It unlocks once you’re level 12, but in order to get far deep beneath, you will need good gears and team, so don’t expect much at start.

The Devil Rumble was detailed above, so we will head on to the Event Dungeon. In this instance, you can choose to go either one of the three places:

Evolution Dungeon, which gives you level-up materials

Gold Dungeon, which gives you Gold

Enhancement Dungeon, which gives you enhancement Childs.

Exploration is unlocked at level 9, and you can send your Childs on expeditions here to get EXP and items, even when you are offline.

These are all the Destiny Child tips and cheats we have for now, but if you know any other tricks that we haven’t mentioned, leave a comment down below and share it with everybody!


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