Destiny Child Tier List: Best Characters in the Game

This article will feature the Destiny Child best characters: a tier list to help you choose your fighters and pick only the best between the hundreds of possible characters available (no joke, there are so many!), so if you will need a guide to rely on, in this article we put together the Destiny Child best characters and tier list so you can add them to your team!

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Since they are not all cute girls with perfect shapes, you can also encounter a few slimes, weird-looking mutants, guys with semi-automatic weapons for arms and many more. But this doesn’t take away from the game’s fun and engaging mechanics and playstyle, so let’s dive right in to the Destiny Child tier list:

Best Attackers

Forbidden Eve (5*) 

She is one of the best attackers because of the sheer amount of damage she inputs, along with the Poison. Her skills allow her to focus on the most vulnerable target and when picking her as the leader, the + 10% Drive Skill Damage added to the team mates (water ones) is quite OP.

Unknown Thanatos (5*) 

He is a strong man, who Poisons the enemy, just like Forbidden Eve. When pairing these two together it would make an amazing team because of the passive that could be used when either him or Forbidden Eve are the party leader. His Leader Buff offers +1000 to Water allies, so take that into consideration.

Autocratic Elizabeth (5*)

She is one of my favorites, a Dark type and her skills are AoE. She also inflicts bleed to the enemies, which is some extra damage you need to take into consideration.

Villainous Abaddon (5*)

This is one of the best characters out there right now, which is even more OP when paired with some more Wood type characters. His leader buffs increase when doing raids, so that’s one thing that makes him amazing, not to mention the damage and sustainability he provides.

Smoldering Hestia (5*)

The one I am currently using is her, because she is one of the strongest attackers currently in the game, while also possessing a good Leader Buff. She’s another character that inflicts Bleed, but also has raw damaging potential.

Monolouging Armor (4*)

One of the strongest 4*characters, has also the ability to heal for % of the damage dealt, which often comes in handy especially in long fights.

Moonless Artemis (4*)

She does a lot of damage, ignoring the enemies’ defense. She also has the ability to inflict a bleed effect, which further enhances the damage dealt.

Best Defenders

Ambitious Mammon (5*)

This weird guy has a taunt which is extremely useful when it comes to protecting the team, because that redirects all the enemies towards him. Another good thing about this guy here is his buff that increases allies’ DEF.

A.I (5*)

She brings quite the skills to the table, while also coming with a taunt. She buffs allies with reflect and DEF and it’s quite good in PvP too.

White Winged Diablo (5*)

This massive and ugly brute is quite the character. It has invulnerability skills, which rend him immortal for a few seconds in combat. That skill alone allows him to tank more for the team, but also has quite some damage. (not a lot, but enough)

Small Daoine Sidhe (5*)

She is quite a good buffer and defender for the team, providing a decent shield to the allies. That is a good fighting capability that prevents damage from hitting the team.

Warrior Frigga (4*)

This is quite a good defender, she provides self buffs to become more tanky and also a shield (only to herself unfortunately). She can taunt the enemies, which is a good ability that works well with her kit.

Best Debuffers 

Exorcist Nirrti (5*)

She’s one of my favorite debuffers, she inflicts a funny effect called Confuse that drives enemies to attack themselves amongst each other. She removes buffs from them as well as reduces their Drive Gauge.

Blue Shadow Olga (5*)

This hideous creature is quite a nice addition to the team, since it can silence the enemies and reduce their Drive Gauge by quite a lot. It’s especially good in PvP since there people rely more on it than the normal monsters.

Experimental Jupiter (5*)

This is one of my all-time favorite debuffers, since he can decrease their DEF, making them easier to kill, and also removes their buffs (if they have any). On top of all this, this powerful guy inflicts a bleed effect.

Timid Freesia (4*)

Even though she is a 4* one, she is quite good. She decreases enemy DEF and makes them more vulnerable to all damage sources. Quite good for PvE I would say.

Best Supporters

Sunny Chang’e (5*)

She is my all-time favorite, she has the possibility to fully charge an ally’s Skill Gauge and that won me over. She is all about gaining the Skill Gauge charges quickly, and that’s what makes her so good.

Squandering Hermes (5*)

This girl with her teddy bear might look innocent, but they buff the allies’ ATK and Skills so it is a great addition to a team that has a lot of Attackers.

Aimless Pantheon (5*)

If your team has attackers that rely heavily on dealing Critical Strikes, this guy is a must have then. His skills buff the CRIT of the allies and that is very useful, because not just the Crit Rate, but also the Crit Damage. He comes with the whole package!

Dreaming Naias (5*)

This one is also about recharging the Skill Gauge, but she decreases the cooldown of skills also. It’s very powerful in both PvE and PvP, and if you have her, you’re lucky!

Best Healers

Western Aurora (5*)

If you have many Fire types on your team, she’s definitely a good one. Since she goes so well with my Smoldering Hestia, I consider her to be one of the best healers in Destiny Child.

Indecisive Rusalka (5*)

As another really good one, this little mermaid grants invulnerability to 2 allies a lot of HP regen. Her skills are especially good with Water type of characters, so if you go with a mostly water-based team, she is OP.

Lost Maat (5*)

I like healers like her because they cast the skill once and it lasts for several turns. She can remove negative effects from allies too, as well as heal them by a lot (and I mean A LOT).

Of course, you should always pick the characters that you consider work best with your playstyle, because that is the main goal here. If you do not like a type of character or an element, you have plenty more to choose from! So don’t limit yourself to trying just the recommended ones, who knows? Maybe you will discover some new super strong team composition!

Thus being said, these are all the best characters in Destiny Child, that in my opinion would make a team super strong. If you have any other suggestions, leave them down in the comments below!

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Destiny Child Tier List: Best Characters in the Game

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