Dead By Daylight Chapter 25 Reworked Visuals and Perks Leaked


A new Dead By Daylight chapter is due for release along with a few reworks of existing visuals. Chapter 25 is the second Resident Evil crossover, the first introducing Nemesis, Leon S. Kennedy/Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine/Claire Redfield to Dead By Daylight, arrived with Chapter 20. This newest chapter is bringing a new Killer, Albert Wesker (The Mastermind), and 2 new survivors Ada Wong and Rebecca Chambers. Find out below all about the Dead By Daylight Chapter 25 reworked visuals and perks leaked.

Dead By Daylight Chapter 25 Update Information

Dead By Daylight’s Chapter 25: Project W introduces new Killer The Mastermind, also known as Albert Wesker. Wesker is a ruthless genius who has been infused with the power of the RNA virus Uroboros, which gives him superhuman powers that he uses to bound towards Survivors, leaping over obstacles, and infect them with the virus.

albert wesker dead by daylight
The Mastermind Albert Wesker in Dead By Daylight (via DBDLeaks on Twitter)

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The Mastermind’s perks are Superior Anatomy, Awakened Awareness, and Terminus.

Superior Anatomy dead by daylight wesker Superior AnatomyWhen a Survivor performs a rushed vault in front of Wesker his own vaulting speed increases.
Awakened Awareness dead by daylight weskerAwakened AwarenessWhen carrying a Survivor, auras of other Survivors are revealed within a certain distance.
Terminus dead by daylight weskerTerminusWhen Exit Gates are powered, all injured, dying, or hooked Survivors suffer with the Broken status until the gates are opened, and for a short while after.

Ada Wong, the first new Survivor, is a Chinese-American secret agent whose perks, Wiretap, Reactive Healing, and Low Profile will be based on her espionage and enigmatic personality:

Wiretap ada wong resident evil dead by daylightWiretapWiretap allows the Survivor to trap a Generator and allow all Survivors to see the aura of the Killer when they are near the trapped gen.
Reactive Healing dead by daylight ada wongReactive HealingWhen a nearby Survivor loses a health state, an injured Survivor with Reactive Healing gains a certain percentage of their own healing progression.
Low Profile ada wong dead by daylightLow ProfileWhen you are the last Survivor, your pools of blood and scratch marks are suppressed for around 1 minute.

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Rebecca Chambers is our final new Survivor. She is a former child prodigy and now a gifted medic. Her perks, Better Than New, Reassurance, and Hyperfocus reflect her smart and soothing character:

Better Than New dead by daylight rebecca chambersBetter Than NewWhen completing a healing action on another Survivor, they benefit from a 6% boost to their own actions.
Reassurance rebecca chamber dead by daylightReassuranceWithin 6 meters of a hooked Survivor, press the active ability button to pause the sacrifice phase for up to 30s.
Hyperfocus rebecca chambers dead by daylightHyperfocusHit Great Skill Checks when repairing or healing to gain tokens. Each token offers skill check bonuses.

DBD Leaks on Twitter has also posted about further visual updates such as Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine. Check out the updated images below, and see the original tweet for more details!

That is all we know so far about the upcoming Chapter 25 of Dead By Daylight! The new chapter will be out in September 2022. Until then, come back to Touch Tap Play for the latest news.

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Dead By Daylight Chapter 25 Reworked Visuals and Perks Leaked


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