Darkfire Heroes is a mobile RPG from Rovio. The game has dynamic battles, different modes, and, of course, heroes. Characters differ from each other in skills and characteristics. To win battles, heroes must be upgraded all the time. This can be done in three ways: leveling them with the help of special cards, strengthening the fighters due to the essence that unlocks secondary skills, and also using the equipment.

At first glance, the equipment does not play a big role. It seems to give a slight boost to stats. However, it is very important. The right equipment can significantly increase the capabilities of the hero.

In this guide, we will go into detail about the features of gear in Darkfire Heroes, where you can get it, and how to improve it.

Where Can I Get Armor (Gear) In Darkfire Heroes?

Most often, equipment for heroes is found in chests, which you will receive as a reward for completing levels, battles in the arena, and completing daily tasks. Also, the equipment can be obtained by re-passing the stages of the campaign at a higher difficulty.

Types and Quality of Equipment in Darkfire Heroes

Darkfire Heroes has a lot of different equipment: weapons, armor, magic items, as well as jewelry and amulets. Despite such a variety, all of them can be divided into 3 types:

Items that enhance the attack. Equipment of this type increases the damage and increases the chance of a critical strike.

Protective equipment. Items of this type increase health or defense. At the same time, there are elements of armor that raise one of the parameters not by a specific value, but by a percentage of the already existing indicator (+ 3% to defense or + 5% to health).

Amulets and magic items. Magic equipment in Darkfire Heroes increases the effectiveness of spells. As in the case of protective equipment, amulets increase one of the characteristics not only by a fixed number but also by a percentage.

In addition to the type, the equipment also differs in quality. It can be Common, Rare, and Epic. This parameter determines not only the bonuses that the equipment gives but also the possibility of its improvement.

Heroes and Their Gear

Let’s continue our guide by discussing the heroes. All characters in Darkfire Heroes have 5 gear slots. They differ slightly depending on the class. So, for example, tanks have more slots for protective equipment, and for heroes that deal damage, the emphasis is on items that enhance the attack.

At the same time, even within the same class, the distribution of slots for equipment can differ. For example, among the healers, there are characters who do not know how to “wear offensive equipment. Such heroes give preference to magic items and armor.

Considering that the equipment drops rarely, the heroes should be equipped mainly with the common equipment. So, at first, it is better for tanks to give armor and items that increase protection, and to damage dealers the things that increase the damage.

Also, keep in mind that some equipment can have set bonuses. If one hero is wearing several items from such a set, his characteristics will noticeably increase. For example, using two relics from the Berserker’s set will additionally increase the damage by 10 points.

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