One of the important game modes available in Darkfire Heroes is Elemental Dungeons. They do not give gold, equipment, or hero cards. However, this does not mean that it can be ignored. Below in this Darkfire Heroes Elemental Dungeons guide, we will tell you why.

What are Elemental Dungeons?

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In terms of mechanics, Elemental Dungeons differ little from the levels available in the campaign. In this mode, you have to go through small stages and fight against groups of enemies, which can consist of a variety of opponents. They will differ in size, strength, skill, and speed.

The Elemental Dungeons got their name because the elemental attribute changes every day:

  • Monday – Light.
  • Tuesday – Water.
  • Wednesday – Air.
  • Thursday – Fire.
  • Friday – Darkness.
  • Saturday – Earth.

By completing dungeons on the appropriate day, you will receive a certain elemental essence. It is the main reward in this mode. Moreover, the deeper you go down into the dungeons, the more resources you will receive.

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It is better to take a combat squad taking into account the current elemental attribute. Thus, you will be able to strengthen some of your heroes, which in turn will simplify the process of passing the dungeon in Darkfire Heroes.

There are no special requirements for creating the squad. You may encounter various monsters along the way. Therefore, the squad should include a couple of “tanks” and two heroes capable of inflicting a large amount of damage. It will be good if one of the characters can hit opponents at a great distance. There is no strong need for healers in the first tiers of the dungeon. Spells and fighters with healing skills replace them quite well. Support heroes are also not really needed. Therefore, the fifth character can be a fighter capable of inflicting area damage.

Should Beginners Try This Mode?

Rushing Elemental Dungeons is recommended for all players. And it doesn’t matter how long ago you started playing. Yes, beginners are unlikely to be able to complete the second or third tier. To do this, you need heroes of the fifth-sixth level, who have several items in their equipment. But even such progress will be enough to unlock the first passive skills for the starting characters.

This is everything you need to know on a strategy to walk through elemental dungeons in Darkfire Heroes. While you are here, take a look at our heroes tier list.

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