Darkfire Heroes Arena Tips | Guide How to Win Every Fight

darkfire heroes arena guide

There are 3 game modes in Darkfire Heroes. The campaign is considered the largest and most important. It is divided into several dozen chapters and has 3 difficulty levels. Here we have a strategy guide on how to deal with it.

The second mode in a row is Elemental Dungeons. There you will collect a special essence that will help you level the secondary skills of the heroes.

The third mode is the Darkfire Heroes Arena. Most players prefer to spend their free time here.

In the Arena, you can measure your strength with other players to get a chest with valuables. However, battles with real opponents are not easier and faster than with large dungeon bosses or hordes of monsters from the campaign. You need to prepare for the battles in the Arena as good as for all other game modes! In this guide, we will give you several tips and cheats to win the arena in Darkfire Heroes.

Darkfire Heroes Arena Castle Conquest Guide

To win this mode, you need to destroy the enemy’s castle, guarded by the opponent’s heroes and the tower. This tower is located approximately in the middle of the map and deals a lot of damage to heroes. Also, on the way to the enemy castle, enemy minions will fight you.

To win the Castle Conquest, follow three tips:

  • Discard healing spells. This is a risky tactic that produces good results. When killed, your heroes do not disappear forever but are reborn near the castle. Therefore, it is not necessary to have healing spells in your arsenal. Instead, take a few damage (preferably AOE) or control cards instead. For example, Freeze and Ice Blast, which will slow down or completely stop opponents.
  • Gather a balanced squad of the strongest heroes. The team to conquest the castle should consist of two tanks, one character with a strong ranged attack, and a couple of fighters capable of fighting at close and medium distances. It is better to give preference to hybrid heroes who can combine several roles. 
  • Aim to destroy the enemy tower. Since the tower does a lot of damage to heroes, it must be destroyed first. To do this, you can use the skills of the characters and spells. The destruction of the defensive structure will open the way to the enemy’s castle.

Hero Race Guide in Darkfire Heroes

In this Arena mode, you also have to destroy fortifications, but at the same time, you do not need to engage in direct fights with enemy fighters.

In Hero Race, the map is divided into 2 lanes: one for you and the other for your opponent. The players’ task is to destroy the tower located at the other end of the level faster than the opponent. 

Adhere to the following tips to increase your chances of winning the Race of Heroes:

  • Gather a squad of strong heroes with area attacks. When participating in a match, your characters will encounter dense groups of monsters on their way, which can be destroyed with long-range attacks. This will allow you to move forward faster.
  • Prepare cards with healing spells. Unlike in the previous mode, here you will definitely need healing magic. Prepare your deck and be sure to include at least one healer t9 your team.
  • Slow down enemy characters. In the Hero Race, your characters do not intersect with the enemy fighters in any way. However, you can make it harder for the latter to move by attacking and slowing them down with spells.

This is everything you need to know to win Arena in Darkfire Heroes. While you are here, take a look at our tier list of all heroes of this game.

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Darkfire Heroes Arena Tips | Guide How to Win Every Fight


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