Cuphead, the excellent and brutally difficult platform game developed by Studio MDHR, has been confirmed for Nintendo Switch as previously rumored, and it will come with some additional content not found in the original release.

Many have been wondering if the game’s difficulty would be toned down for the Switch, but it seems like Cuphead’s difficulty will be as relentless as it is on PC and Xbox One.

In a recent interview with Kotaku, Cuphead co-director Jared Moldenhauer confirmed that Cuphead won’t be made any easier on Nintendo Switch.

Some people wondered if we were going to tweak the balance or really adjust things, and I don’t see that as being fair…We wanted to let the next wave of gamers experience it exactly how we intended to make it.

Personally, I’m happy with this. Cuphead’s beauty lies in the challenges it presents players, and toning it down would make the game a very different one.

Cuphead launches on Nintendo Switch on April 18th. The game is also available right now on PC and Xbox One. The additional content coming with the Switch releasing will also be added to the other versions of the game through a free update.


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