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Cookie Run: Kingdom Mileage Shop Guide & What to Buy

Cookie Run: Kingdom Mileage Shop Guide & What to Buy
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As an avid Cookie Run: Kingdom player of 3 years, I have to admit that the Mileage Shop is one of the features that can be extremely helpful regardless of your level or progress. In this Mileage Shop guide, I’ll explain everything there is to know about this feature!

What is the Mileage Shop in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

When you open the Gacha, the Mileage Shop appears right underneath, in the Cookies and Treasures tab. To not be confused with the Rainbow Crystal Shop, which is only used for costumes. Here you can spend your Mileage Points in exchange for various goods, including Soulstones.

How to earn more Mileage Points?

Mileage Points are earned by pulling cookies from the Gacha, Soulstones, and duplicates of treasures you have already maxed out. In other words, the more you summon in the Gacha, the more Mileage Points you accumulate.

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What can you buy in the Mileage Shop?

As it is right now, you can purchase the following:

  • Soulstones (for all the Epic cookies released up to 2 patches prior to the current one – Rebel Cookie not included yet)
  • Soul Essence
  • Rare Soul Essence
  • 10-min Speedups
  • Treasure Tickets
  • Arena Tickets
  • Rainbow Cubes
  • EXP Star Jelly lvl 5

If I recall correctly, a few years back when Cookie Run: Kingdom was still fresh, you could also purchase Cookie Cutters from the Mileage Shop – however, this feature is no longer here (sadly).

What should you buy from the Mileage Shop in CRK?

1. Treasure Tickets

One of the best things to spend your Mileage Points on is Treasure Tickets. Until you max out your Old Pilgrim’s Scroll and Sleepyhead’s Jelly Watch at the very least, the Treasure Tickets are the best buy. Of course, you can read the Treasure tier list to see how good the other Treasures are, don’t take my word for it!

2. Soulstones

I have spent a good amount of Mileage Points on getting a few Soulstones whenever I was 4-5 Soulstones away from upgrading one of my cookies. I currently recommend getting Fettucine Cookie’s Soulstones if you haven’t maxed her out yet, since she’s one of the best Epic tanks.

Other decent Soulstones for maxing out cookies include:

  • Burnt Cheese Cookie’s Soulstones
  • Snow Sugar Cookie’s Soulstones
  • Parfait Cookie’s Soulstones
  • Financier Cookie’s Soulstones
  • Tarte Tatin Cookie’s Soulstones

3. Rainbow Cubes

We all love those exclusive costumes, right? I have spent a GOOD amount of Mileage Points on Rainbow Cubes trying to acquire the Special costumes available during the holidays, and if you are looking to get some exclusive outfits as well, it’s definitely not a waste.

You can wait until a good costume is out, save your Rainbow Cubes and then go all-in on the gacha, hoping to get the costume you want. Costumes also give you additional points in the Prosperity Ranking, so it’s never a waste!

4. Speed Ups

If you really need a Speed Up for something urgent and you have none left, what are you doing?!

Speed Ups are not a complete waste, but they’re also not the best thing you could get out of the Mileage Shop. Of course, if you have 100k Points and want to get only Speed Ups, you might be up to something. By all means, go for it!

5. Everything Else

I am not a fan of any of the other items available in the Mileage Shop, so I wouldn’t exactly recommend buying them. However, you do you.

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Does the Mileage Shop reset/rotate?

The Mileage shop doesn’t rotate or reset. Again, IIRC right when it was released it would reset (or maybe I don’t remember correctly?) but it would be something rare. Right now, you can only purchase the goods that you see, and the Soulstones for cookies you haven’t yet ascended.

If there’s anything else you would like us to cover about Cookie Run: Kingdom, let me know in the comments below! I’m more than happy to discuss any of these topics with fellow players!

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Mileage Shop Guide & What to Buy