Cookie Run: Kingdom How To Complete The Cookie Challenge Event


The latest limited time event in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a character dive into the various recruitable cookies in the game. Some of the more popular cookies have gotten their own little mini-quests, and completing them will net you some nice rewards. The Cookie Challenge event runs until May 20, so complete as many as you can! We’re here to help you out with our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on how to complete the cookie challenge event!

The Cookie Challenge

The Cookie Challenge event page will show you each challenge with a short description about it. The descriptor won’t tell you exactly what your objective is sometimes, so knowing what to do can be confusing. That’s where we come in – our guide will tell you exactly what you need to do!

For clarity’s sake, we’ve written the challenge descriptions exactly how they are in-game, so please feel free to use your browser’s “find in page” function to seek out the exact challenge you’re unclear on. Each challenge’s objective will be highlighted in bold.

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All Cookie Challenges and How to Complete Them

Knight Cookie might not possess Princess Cookie’s unending source of energy, but his will to protect Her Majesty will not falter! Play in World Exploration with Princess Cookie.
Finish 10 World Exploration stages with ONLY Knight Cookie and Princess Cookie in the party.

Ah, spring is finally here! And for Herb Cookie, it’s time to plant some flowers. Place a few of Daffodil Flowerbeds!
Place 20 Daffodil Flowerbeds in your kingdom.

“Every Cookie has to work for their food!” That’s Carrot Cookie’s motto. This time, her goal is to harvest 100 Jellybean Baskets.
Harvest 100 Jellybean Baskets from your Jellybean Farms.

No loitering here, Vampire Cookie! Time to work for your juice! Clear a World Exploration stage with this good-for-nothing brother.
Finish 5 World Exploration stages with ONLY Vampire Cookie and Alchemist Cookie in the party.

Adventurer Cookie’s latest obsession is hot air balloons! But while everyone expected him to depart on a Balloon Expedition alone, rumor has it he’s taking Blackberry Cookie with him!
Finish 5 Balloon Expeditions with Adventurer Cookie and Blackberry Cookie.

Cherry Cookie is planning something BIG. Looks like she’s up to bringing one of her Huge Cherry Bombs to a World Exploration stage!
Use Cherry Cookie’s “Huge Cherry Bomb” skill 50 times in World Exploration stages.

Gumball Cookie is about to set for the Pilgrim’s Path to add some color to that DUH-ULL place!
Finish 10 Pilgrim’s Path stages with Gumball Cookie in the party.

Avocado Cookie might be up to her ears in custom orders, but she can always find time for passing on her skills. Make some Candy Saws to show the artisan what you’ve learned!
Assign Avocado Cookie to a level 3 Smithy and produce 20 saws.

Chili Pepper Cookie was spotted near the Ginkgoblin Hideout. She might be after the Ginkgoblins’ stolen treasures!
Finish World Exploration stage 3-18 using ONLY Chili Pepper Cookie.

Ever since Rye Cookie’s arrival, villains tremble at the mere mention of her name! Speaking of which, a bunch of new Today’s Bounties just came in!
Finish 10 bounties with Rye Cookie in the party.

Sparkling Cookie is always here to quench your thirst in a journey! Take his Sparkling Cocktail to your journey in World Exploration.
Use Sparkling Cookie’s “Sparkling Cocktail” skill 50 times in World Exploration stages.

Having made so many new friends, Snow Sugar Cookie has never been happier! Why don’t we go all together to a merry Balloon Expedition?
Finish 5 Balloon Expeditions with Snow Sugar Cookie.

Alchemist Cookie made a special potion for Werewolf Cookie. Now let’s go to World Exploration and observe its effects on him.
Finish 10 World Exploration stages with ONLY Alchemist Cookie and Werewolf Cookie in the party.

The ominous bells chime again in the cursed forest. What is Pomegranate Cookie scheming now in the very place she first met GingerBrave’s squad?
Finish World Exploration stage 6-3 with Pomegranate Cookie in the party.

It seems like the sound of bells has a hypnotizing effect on Poison Mushroom Cookie. It brought them to the forest where they first met with GingerBrave’s squad.
Finish World Exploration stage 5-10 with Poison Mushroom Cookie in the party.

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Tips for Getting Cookies

None of these challenges are particularly difficult to complete – it’s actually having the required cookie that’s the biggest hurdle. Here’s a couple of tips to keep in mind!

  • Try to 3-star as many of the World Exploration levels as possible. You’re going to need lots of gems for the amount of gacha draws required for these challenges.
  • Special Cookie Cutters are awarded for completing certain feats. These are basically free summon tickets, so get as many of these as you can. Some cookie challenges even award Special Cookie Cutters, so prioritize finishing those that do.
  • Check the probability list before you draw to ensure you’re getting the best odds. If you’re gunning for lower rarity cookies, be sure not to draw on the featured gachas as some cookies have lower rates to make up for the featured cookie’s boosted rates.

That concludes our guide on the Cookie Run: Kingdom cookie challenge event! If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below.

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