Cookie Run: Kingdom Meet Black Raisin Cookie Guide


A shadowy assassin has come to the happy-go-lucky world of Cookie Run: Kingdom! Will she join your cause, or will she fade into the darkness? Introducing the deadly Black Raising Cookie, an all-new epic ambush cookie! In today’s guide we’ll run you through Black Raisin Cookie, her skill, and the best way to get her. Let’s get started with our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on meeting Black Raising Cookie!

Who is Black Raisin Cookie?

Black Raisin Cookie is the one of the newest cookies to be added into the game. Her in-game description reads as follows:

Harsh wind, crooked trees, streets ravaged by the war… Who is it there, hiding among the shadows? Black Raisin Cookie, the sole protector of the unfortunate remnants of a once-great Kingdom. Made of shriveled, wrinkly raisins, this Cookie has learned the value of survival no matter what. Even having lost one arm to the dangers of this rough barred, this Cookie keeps hunting for scarce food to feed those who put their trust in her. Despite all the hardships, Black Raisin Cookie doesn’t lose the warmth of a Cookie heart: everyone deserves help, even a sorry one-legged crow. A new day is breaking, and another challenge is here. But Black Raisin Cookie will be there for the villagers, watching over them from the dark.

– Black Raisin Cookie’s in-game description

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Black Raisin Cookie’s Attributes

Black Raisin Cookie is a middle row, ambush type, epic rarity cookie. She excels at assassinating vulnerable enemies that hide behind the tougher guys, like most ambush type cookies do.

Her battle skill is Shadow Watcher, a skill that functions similar to Chili Pepper Cookie’s Cheap Shot. Black Raisin Cookie vanishes into the shadows, then reappears behind the enemies and strikes all of them dealing high percentage damage. Shadow Watcher has a 14 second cooldown.

How to Meet Black Raisin Cookie

Black Raisin Cookie can be met through the Featured Cookie banner. You should only draw from this banner if you’re gunning for Black Raisin Cookie as she has boosted rates on this banner and this banner alone! Here are the exact rates:

Compare this to the regular cookie banner, where it is still possible to meet her but at a much lower chance:

While the chances of meeting Black Raisin Cookie on the feature banner are still pretty low, it’s much better than the regular banner’s rates. Even better, there’s an 8% chance you’ll get her soulstone, which means you can eventually get Black Raising Cookie with enough draws. Unfortunately this also means that her soulstone is not in the Mileage Shop, so you’ll have to rely on pure luck. We wish you the best of luck on your Black Raisin Cookie endeavors!

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Meet Black Raisin Cookie Guide


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