Cookie Run: Kingdom New Pure Vanilla Cookie Guide


A new event has started in Cookie Run: Kingdom, and with it comes a brand new cookie: Pure Vanilla Cookie! The Soul Jam vial is broken, and it’s up to you to recover all of the lost “Light of Truth” in this month-long event. Players will need to complete special quests to recover Light of Truth, and then they’ll have a shot at meeting Pure Vanilla Cookie. We’ll show you how to navigate this special event with our Cookie Run: Kingdom guide on new Pure Vanilla Cookie!

The Light of Truth Event

The Soul Jam vial has shattered into a million pieces, and now there is potent Light of Truth energy scattered around the world of Cookie Run: Kingdom. From April 7 to May 12, players can complete optional side missions that will reward them with special Light of Truth event currency.

Light of Truth may be spent at the special Nether-Gacha shop, where you may perform a Draw 1 for 100 Light of Truth, or a Draw 10 for 1,000 Light of Truth. There are some cookies that you can only get in this banner – including the brand new ancient rarity cookie Pure Vanilla Cookie – and here are the exact rates:

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Pure Vanilla Cookie’s Attributes

So, what’s all the hubbub about this event? Well this event introduces the very first ancient rarity cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie! If you couldn’t tell by the name, ancient rarity cookies have the strongest potential out of all the cookies in the game so everyone is trying to get their hands on them!

Pure Vanilla Cookie is a healing type cookie, so that means he goes in the rear column. His ability is Love & Peace, a 19-second cooldown healing ability that heals and shields the whole party. The amount of healing done is equal to his ATK power, and the shield strength is based on the cookie’s max HP.

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How to Get Pure Vanilla Cookie

Pure Vanilla Cookie has a 0.301% chance of being drawn, so pray to whatever you look up to when you do your draws – you’re gonna need as much luck as possible! You also only have a finite amount of draws since the Light of Truth quests cannot be repeated, though you should know that Pure Vanilla Cookie is automatically rewarded to you after 250 Nether-Gacha draws. To break it down, there are:

  • 16 x 200 Light of Truth quests
  • 34 x 300 Light of Truth quests

This means that if you completed every single Light of Truth event quest possible, you would end up with 13,400 Light of Truth, which is enough for 17 draws. Unfortunately this means you’ll be short of Light of Truth to do enough draws for the automatic Pure Vanilla Cookie, so the only way to 100% guarantee Pure Vanilla Cookie is to shell out real money for him.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom New Pure Vanilla Cookie Guide



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