Cookie Run: Kingdom Reroll Guide


If you’re curious to learn how you can get more and better cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom, then you should find everything that you need to know in the article we’ve prepared for you below, which is a complete Cookie Run: Kingdom reroll guide!

One of the main reasons why it’s important to know how to reroll is because it can give you a big advantage from the earliest stages of the game, and if you plan on playing the game actively and/or try to catch up with the veteran players, it’s definitely worth it.

There is quite a process to this, so if you don’t want to go hardcore-summoning-mode, then I suggest you stick to the cookies you get early on, because that could save you quite a lot of time (just a heads’ up).

How to reroll in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Make sure that you are using a Guest account – you can do everything pretty much on the guest account, including redeeming codes, so go ahead and select that option.

The first step in your reroll journey is to rush to Kingdom level 3. That will enable you to have the most rerolls, so try to do the quests for start up to the point that you made enough upgrades.

Then, you want to go ahead and redeem the currently valid coupon codes. These will give you plenty of rewards, including Crystals, which you will need for the summons.

After you get the codes, go ahead and start summoning. You want to obtain one or more of the S-tier cookies listed on our tier list (try to get Espresso Cookie, he is amazing!), because these are some of the best carry units you could get. Some people are very lucky and get about 3+ Epic cookies with a multi-summon, so if you consider yourself lucky with this, try to get as many as possible!

Of course, you can also get a few packs if you want to spend some money, but I wouldn’t really advise you to do that before you get some good cookies with your free summons.

What to do after the summons – the reroll process

The reroll process is actually quite simple. If you didn’t get the cookies you were aiming for, then tap on the Menu and select Settings. There you will go to the Info tab, and underneath your DevPlay ID, you will see the Log Out option.

Log out and start over by redeeming the codes, and doing all the summons. That’s it! It’s quite a lengthy process, but if you want the best start possible, then it is worth the extra effort.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Reroll Guide


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