Cookie Run: Kingdom offers a profusion of buffs and other effects increasing the overall ability, utility, or survivability of any Cookie. We also have special buffs like Amplify that increase the duration or effect of any particular buffs. 

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In this Cookie Run: Kingdom guide, we will talk about the Amplify buff and what it does.

How Does the Amplify Buff Work in Cookie Run: Kingdom?

Some Cookie toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom comes with the Amplify buff. What it does is offer an extra boost to that Cookie’s stats, attributes, or buffs. 

The Amplify Buff increases the positive effects of a Cookie topping or lengthens its effect duration.

Here is the list of buffs that get increased duration with the Amplify buff:

  • Increased Attack 
  • Increased Defense 
  • Increased Attack Speed 
  • Increased Critical Strike Chance
  • Damage Reduction 
  • Immunity 
  • Taunting and a few others

Here is the list of buffs that get the increased effect with the Amplify buff:

  • Health Recovery 
  • Vampirism 
  • Health Shield and a few others

Having the Amplify Buff on toppings in Cookie Run: Kingdom is a bonus that you should always welcome. 

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a gacha-based roleplaying game currently available on Android and iOS platforms.

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How Does the Amplify Buff Work in Cookie Run: Kingdom?



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