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Cookie Run: Kingdom – Beginner’s Guide and Tips

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Beginner’s Guide and Tips
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Cookie Run: Kingdom rolled out in January 2021 and has already passed 10 million downloads. The latest title in the Cookie Run series quickly became a fan favorite with the Cookie Run fans.

The game is an interesting combination of strategy RPG and building. You have to collect Cookies, form a squad, take down cake monsters, and also build a beautiful kingdom.

As a beginner, your game will be smooth until you unlock the Cookie Castle at stage 3-11. From this point, the game picks up the pace and you’ll be introduced to a lot of new things. Here are some quick tips to get you through rough spots in Cookie Run Kingdom.

Top 5 Tips for Cookie Run: Kingdom Beginners

Here are some quick dos and don’ts!

Keep the Production Buildings Busy

cookie run kingdom tips
Some Goods Buildings in Cookie Run: Kingdom

If you have played games like Hay Day or Township, you might know that the production duration keeps going up with each level. The same is the case with Cookie Run Kingdom.

With every additional production building that you install, the manufacturing time goes up. Most of the buildings have 3 or 4 production slots. You can unlock more with Crystals. The best way to avoid delays in fulfilling quests and wishes is to keep the production at all times.

Stock the “Raw” Items

cookie run kingdom tips

By “raw” we mean the items that are produced by coins like Sugar Cubes, Jellybeans, Roll Cake Wood, and the likes. As these items are used to produce and upgrade multiple things, you will constantly feel the dearth of those.

When you level up, you will need those resources even more. To avoid scarcity, you can stock up on these materials right from the beginning.

Take your Sweet Time with the Building Upgrades

Upgrading buildings

Seriously, players need to stop rushing with the level-ups. The Tree of Wishes and Jelly Bear Train only demand items that you have unlocked. So, leveling up the buildings will only make increase the demands from Tree of Wishes and Jelly Bear Train.

Moreover, as the building level up, more items are unlocked, and these items demand more raw materials to be crafted. To avoid all the rush at the initial stages, avoid upgrading buildings until it’s necessary.

Draw Some Treasures too

Treaures in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Treasures can really make a difference to your gameplay. For every battle that you head on to, you can take three treasures with you. These treasures can provide some buffs, increase attack, boost speed, or reduce cooldown time.

As you upgrade your treasures, their attributes level up and they provide stronger buffs.

Level Up the Cookies and Don’t Forget the Toppings

Upgrade Cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Leveling the Cookies up is important to move forward in the campaign. As you proceed to the next stages, the enemies get stronger and their number goes up too. To defeat the strong opponents, you need stronger Cookies. You can upgrade them with Star Jellies.

The Cookie toppings give a boost to the base attributes of your Cookie. These toppings can actually compensate for your Cookie’s weaknesses. So keep upgrading the toppings too!

And here’s a bonus tip – be smart with the Landmarks. You don’t have to go out and buy every Landmark in the game. But you should definitely invest in some great ones that can help you in the game. Check out this guide to know the best Landmarks in Cookie Run: Kingdom.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom – Beginner’s Guide and Tips


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