Cookie run kingdom landmarks

Cookie Run: Kingdom players are simply obsessed with making their kingdoms look like a paradise. To add to the grandiose of the kingdom, the game offers you cute little decor sets.

Landmarks are literally the statement-making grand pieces of decor. But unlike other decors, the Landmarks give you some perks.

But are the Landmarks in Cookie Run: Kingdom worth it? Read on to know how to install Landmarks and judge which ones are worth the effort.

Cookie Run: Kingdom – Landmarks in Kingdom

As of now, there are 17 Landmarks in the game. The very first one that you unlock is the Tick Tock Clock Tower. Installing the Clock Tower will take some time off production.

Landmarks in Cookie Run Kingdom

You can also upgrade these Landmarks to increase the buffs. The building and up-gradation of Landmarks often require Aurora Pillars, Compasses, and Bricks.

If you want some exaggerated Landmarks, you can get them from the Kingdom Pass.

Best Landmarks in Cookie Run: Kingdom

All of the Landmarks in Cookie Run: Kingdom offer some kind of perks. But this doesn’t mean that all the Landmarks are useful. Here are the top 5 Landmarks that you should invest in:

1Tick Tock Clock Tower

cookie run kingdom tick tock tower
Tick Tock Clock Tower (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

This is probably the first Landmark you’ll get. It comes in the Crispy Cookie Town decor set. As we mentioned earlier, this clock tower reduces the production time of goods. As you level up, the production time will reduce further. This is a totally smart investment.

2Dreaming Jelly Lion Statue

cookie run kingdom
Dreaming Jelly Lion Statue (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

This beautiful statue is a part of the Sculpture Park decor set. The statue depicts a sleeping and weeping lion. Installing the sculpture will permanently boost the ATK of your cookies. The buff will increase as you level up.

3Everwinter Snow Globe

Everwinter Snow Globe (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom Fandom)

After increasing your ATK with the lion sculpture, the next best thing that you can invest in is DEF. This beautiful Snow Globe increases all of the cookies’ DEF by 5% and also makes a great addition to your kingdom. Upgrading the landmarks will also increase the DEF.

4Dark Lord’s Castle

cookie run kingdom
Dark Lord’s Castle (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

Damage Resist is another important aspect that you might like to buff up. The Dark Lord’s Castle will increase the Damage Resist ability of all your cookies. Just like the other landmarks, this one will increase the buff with every update.

5Flower Garden

cookie run kingdom flower garden
Flower Garden (Image via Cookie Run Kingdom)

The Flower Garden increases the HP of all your cookies. Obviously, more HP automatically translates into a stronger squad. The Flower Garden is indeed a good investment to consider.

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