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COD: Mobile Tips and Tricks to Increase Accuracy

COD: Mobile Tips and Tricks to Increase Accuracy

Accuracy in Multiplayer mobile games is something not achieved in a matter of seconds or minutes. Gunplay accuracy in a game like COD: Mobile is something that depends on many criteria and aspects of gameplay, individual, etc. However, there are some tips and tricks that can help new players to improve their aim and accuracy on a wide set of weapons. And today we are going to share some of our own tips to get good in Call of Duty Mobile.

Manage Your In-Game Sensitivity

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Sensitivity in COD: Mobile plays a vital role when it comes to raw aim and accuracy. If you don’t have optimal sensitivity settings then you might just be missing most of your shots. The best in-game indicator that showcases that you are not using correct sensitivity settings is when you miss your shots by a slight mark.

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You may have been in many encounters where the first few rounds of your gun is not a body shot. It’s a little on the left or right side of the enemy character. So, to avoid such errors in accuracy, players must go to the in-game settings in COD: Mobile and lower the sensitivity to their liking.

Note: Each player has its grasp when it comes to aiming and accuracy. So, while changing the sensitivity, make sure to try out the settings in a few matches to notice the difference and then decide which sensitivity settings to opt for and which do not.

Recoil is Key to Better Accuracy

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One of the worst mistakes that new players do is they avoid using weapons that have high recoil. If you want to improve your accuracy in COD: Mobile then you have to move out of your comfort zone and try out weapons with high recoil like the AKM.

No Attachments -> High Accuracy

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It may sound absurd, but, using attachments spoil the raw aim and accuracy of the player. So, to improve your aim in COD: Mobile we recommend using weapons without any attachments. Especially the foregrip, as it drastically reduces the recoil of a weapon.

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COD: Mobile offers a wide variety of weapons and attachments that can change the entire flow of a match. Though make no mistake when it comes to dominating in each match it comes down to the response time and aim/accuracy. Mastering the weapons and improving response time will enable you to change the flow of a game match.

As we said earlier if you want to improve accuracy in COD: Mobile, you have to practice and improve your muscle memory on the guns, map, enemy placements, etc. So, keep practising.

COD: Mobile is a widely popular free to play action-multiplayer game currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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COD: Mobile Tips and Tricks to Increase Accuracy


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