COD Mobile Season 10 Patch Notes: New maps, guns, and more

Call of Duty: Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 10 is deploying soon with plenty of exciting content. As per the update patch notes, the forthcoming COD Mobile version will bring new content, including a Vacant map, MVP replay feature, Control gameplay mode, and Warfare in Blackout. Beyond this, a bunch of weapons has been nerfed and buffed to achieve the balance.

These are the official patch notes of the COD Mobile Season 10 update.


New Maps: Vacant

Modern Warfare? Tactical Map Intel: Vacant

Originally featured in COD: Modern Warfare, Vacant is now available on mobile! Warriors will face a completely different rhythm of battle in the map, in which the indoor area is intensive close combat, and the outdoor area is deadly long-distance combat. According to your own combat style, choosing the right action and route will be the focus of mastering this map.

New Game Mode: Control

For multiple rounds, players take turns as the offensive and defenders to attack and defend the points. Teammates share the resurrection times, and the team that reaches the number of winning rounds first wins.

MVP Replay Feature

The new MVP replay function has been launched and will replace the original last hit function. MVP replay will show two wonderful kill shots of players who have won the MVP in this game.

Maps and other optimizations

The following maps will be optimized in Season 10:

  • Hackney Yard
  • Nuke Town
  • Hovec Sawmill
  • Payout S&D
  • Gung-Ho Perk
  • Operator Skill-Tempest
  • Score Steak – UAV
  • UI Adjustments

Battle Royale

New loot box effects

The loot box in BR will display the corresponding color effects of the highest quality item in the box, and we believe this will allow players to locate high-quality loot more quickly in fierce battles and improve search efficiency.

New Game Mode: Warfare

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare And Warzone Playlist Updates, New Game Mode,  And More - GameSpot
  • Blackout Warfare mode is now available in Blackout.

Game Mode Adjustment

Alcatraz – Mechanism adjustment

  • The white and green attachments will no longer be refreshed in this map.
  • Classes and orange attachments may appear in the third-level box.
  • Increase the number of Classes and Class Drivers in the airdrop.

Alcatraz – Class refresh rotation

The classes that can be picked up in Alcatraz have been updated. The latest rotation list is:

  • Trap Master,
  • Hacker,
  • Poltergeist,
  • Refitter,
  • Desperado,
  • Pumped

UI Adjustments

  • Fixed the issue that the virtual joystick may be triggered when using the guard deck and tactical equipment roulette.
  • Fixed the issue that the function to replace attachments when the backpack is full was not available to magnify sight.
  • We optimized the logic of picking and backpack management.
  • Advanced accessories that have been replaced will no longer be prioritized in the backpack.
  • Added HUD animation when the armor is used.

Clan Wars

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 4 Clan Wars: Community Update check details

In order to optimize everyone’s participation experience, we have made the following adjustments to the rewards:-

  • The number of token rewards obtained each week will be greatly increased (in fact, we have increased the number of tokens for weekly rewards in version 12.0)
  • Tokens will be reset when the season is updated. At the same time, the store will only list items that are limited to this season, and previous season rewards will be removed. Therefore, you are guaranteed to spend your tokens before the end of the season!
  • Soldiers who have not yet received their favorite rewards don’t have to worry. The rewards from previous seasons will return to the game in other forms in Clan Wars from the next version.
  • Team frame adjustment: The frame will now be issued according to the final rank of the team when the team battle is settled last season and lasts for a whole season. The frame will no longer change according to the rank of the weekly settlement.

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COD Mobile Season 10 Patch Notes: New maps, guns, and more


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