COD Mobile: How to open Weapon Supply Boxes

COD Mobile

With every new COD Mobile event, Activision introduces unusual challenges that often baffle a majority of players. One of those challenges is opening Weapon Supply Boxes, which has often emerged in many Call of Duty: Mobile events.

Weapon Supply Boxes are unique crates that can only be found in COD Mobile Battle Royale mode. So players must dive into the BR mode to complete this challenge. However, that’s not enough as some players didn’t even know how Weapon Supply Boxes look like and where to find them. Therefore, this guide will explain everything about Weapon Supply Boxes in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Opening Weapon Supply Boxes in COD Mobile

COD Mobile Weapon Supply Boxes
COD Mobile Weapon Supply Boxes

The first step towards opening Weapon Supply Boxes is joining a match in the battle royale mode. After starting the match, try to land on the areas with a large number of buildings, so the chances of finding Weapon Supply Boxes increases.

Once you land on the ground, search for green color boxes, also known as Weapon Supply Boxes. As the name suggests, players will find guns inside the box along with their ammo. Simply, interact with the green box and loot all the resources.

Weapon Supply Box contains loot

On the map, there are several spots where players can find Weapon Supply Boxes. However, one should try to find them as soon as possible after landing, as your opponents could also be hunting for them.

In order to complete the challenge, open the Weapon Supply Boxes five times and head to the events section, and claim the reward.

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COD Mobile: How to open Weapon Supply Boxes


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