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Call of Duty: Mobile is well known for its new events and challenges that Activision adds to keep the player base engaged. Recently, the developers added a new seasonal challenge called Operator Ace that requires you to build your proficiency with battleground support by using various Operator skills.

Operator Ace is a seven-part seasonal challenge that allows players to unlock Graveyard calling card. Besides this, players can snag other items like weapon XP cards, Credit Points, and Battle Pass XP along the way.

Here’s a guide to complete the Operator Ace challenge in COD Mobile.

How to complete “Operator Ace” challenge in COD Mobile?

In order to procure all the challenge rewards, one has to complete the following missions:

  • Play 5 matches. (Credits x300 and Battle Pass XP x1000)
  • Kill 10 enemies with the Annihilator Operator Skill in MP matches. (Weapon XP Card x5 and Battle Pass XP x1000)
  • Kill 20 enemies with the Death Machine Operator skill in MP matches. (MW11-Shocking and Battle Pass XP x2000)
  • Use the Tak-5 Operator Skill 5 times in MP matches. (BK57 – Shocking and Battle Pass XP x2000)
  • Kill 10 enemies with the Martyrdom perk equipped. (Dain Bramage and Battle Pass XP x3000)
  • Kill 15 enemies with any BK57 eqipped with 5 attachments. (AK117 – Voltaic Garden and Battle Pass XP x3000)
  • Kill 25 enemies with any AK117 equipped with 5 attachments. (Graveyard Card and Battle Pass XP x3000)

Please note: The challenge will expire at the end of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 9. Thus make sure to complete all the missions before the deadline.

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