COD Mobile: How to level up fast | Tips and Cheats

Call of Duty: Mobile
Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile is a multiplayer game where the weapons, attachments, special operator abilities, and more are hidden behind a level cap. To unlock good weapons and attachments players must get to a higher level. And, due to this type of progression system, leveling up in the game becomes the main objective for almost every player.

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Leveling up in COD Mobile is just like any other multiplayer game. It depends on various criteria like the number of kills, survival time, win or loss, headshots or normal shots, etc. Today, we are going to mention the best 5 ways in which players can earn more XP, which eventually will help the players to level up at a faster rate.

How to level up fast in Call of Duty Mobile

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COD Mobile offers a few different ways by which players can earn extra experience points to level up faster. Here is what you have to do.

1.) Survival is key to success

COD Mobile is similar to other multiplayer/battle royale games when it comes to earning experience points. One of the simplest, not easiest, way of earning more XP in COD Mobile is by surviving in matches. The longer you survive, the more XP you get.

2.) Friends will bring benefits

Playing different game modes of COD Mobile with friends/clan members grant extra XP. So, make sure to join a clan, invite some friends, and then try surviving in any of the many available game modes of COD Mobile.

3.) Its time to get high kills

The simplest way to level up fast in any multiplayer game is to get high kills. Each kill in COD Mobile grants players experience points, that eventually help players in leveling up.

4.) Winning Matches

In COD Mobile, players get more XP if they win the game/match. Also, there are huge difference when it comes to the XP granted to players who lose a match when compared to players who win a match. Now, we know this may sound obvious, but, you have to experience it yourself to understand our point.

5.) Selecting right game mode

COD Mobile game modes plays a vital role when it comes to leveling up. As we discussed earlier, there are different ways to earn more XP and level up faster. If you want to win matches and level up fast, then try Deathmatch.

If your aim is long matches with good survival chance, then Domination game mode is good for you.

Call of Duty: Mobile is a free to play action-shooter multiplayer game currently available on Android and iOS devices.

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COD Mobile: How to level up fast | Tips and Cheats


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