Activision giving Echo Cold Air for free

In the most recent Call of Duty: Mobile development, there’s a wealth of new content introduced in the game. With plenty of new Seasonal events, challenges, and a fresh Battle Pass, players can unlock a variety of new weapons along with their new skins to enhance their visual experience. One of the new events in Call of Duty: Mobile is Deadly Accessories, which is offering an epic gun skin called Echo Cold Air.

Unlike other weapon skins, the brand new Echo Cold Air can be unlocked without spending a penny. However, it doesn’t mean that you can get it right away. To unlock it, all you need to do is to participate in the Deadly Accessories (time-limited) event.

How to get Echo Cold Air skin in Call of Duty: Mobile

Echo shotgun

As mentioned earlier, players are required to participate in the COD Mobile’s new Deadly Accessories Seasonal event. The event features a total of eight missions that must be completed one at a time in order of the list.

Players must complete the following missions in order to unlock Echo Cold Air in Call of Duty: Mobile:

  1. Kill 20 Enemies in any mode.
  2. Kill 20 Enemies with 1 sticker equipped.
  3. Unlock Commando camo from Sand Camo series for any RUS-79U. (Skip the task if you have already unlocked it)
  4. Kill 20 Enemies with any Assault Rifle equipped with any stock.
  5. Unlock Commando camo from Sand Camo series for Peacekeeper MK2.
  6. Kill 40 Enemies with any Assault Rifle equipped with a charm.
  7. Unlock any camo from Splinter series for Kilo Bolt- Action. (Skip the task if you have already unlocked it)
  8. Kill 30 Enemies with Kilo Bolt- Action with 4 stickers and a charm.

That’s it. After completing the aforementioned missions, the Echo Cold Air is all yours. Also, take a look at the weapon statistics before heading over to the game.

Echo Shotgun Base Stats

COD Mobile Echo gun stats
  • Damage: 93
  • Fire Rate: 35
  • Accuracy: 49
  • Mobility: 73
  • Range: 36
  • Control: 56

Echo is a semi-auto shotgun that joined the game with the introduction of Season 10 Battle Pass. It’s a free weapon that can be earned by reaching Tier 21┬áin The Hunt Battle Pass.

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