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Activision introduced a new semi-automatic marksman rifle, SKS, in COD Mobile Seasonal one, and now it’s available to unlock through the latest BR Buff challenge.

For unaware, BR Buff is a new Seasonal Challenge in Call of Duty: Mobile, allowing players to unlock the much-awaited SKS weapon and many more rewards. The eight-part seasonal challenge is about being an aggressive player, eliminating the enemies, and earning the exclusive reward.

Here are the complete details of the COD Mobile‘s BR Buff Seasonal Challenge, including its Duration, Tasks, and Rewards.

COD Mobile BR Buff Seasonal Challenge Guide

BR Buff COD Mobile


The BR Buff challenge will run from Feb 19 to March 11.


The challenge consists of 8 stages that must be completed in sequential order.

  1. Play 3 BR matches.
  2. Kill 5 enemies in High Tier Loot Zone marked in orange on the BR map.
  3. Use Trap Master BR Class 10 times in Battle Royale.
  4. Pickup a customized weapon from an Airdrop in Battle Royale 3 times.
  5. Kill 5 enemies with a Customized weapon from your Loadout.
  6. Pick up an Epic Weapon in Battle Royale 3 times.
  7. Kill 5 enemies with a legendary weapon in Battle Royale.
  8. Kill 5 enemies with Annihlator in BR.


Players can bag the following rewards by completing aforementioned tasks:

  • Stage 1: Credits x200 and Battle pass XP x2000
  • Stage 2: Scout-Warp and Battle Pass XP x2000
  • Stage 3: Backpack 1-Warp and Battle Pass XP x3000
  • Stage 4: Weapon XP Card x15 and Battle Pass XP x3000
  • Stage 5: FHJ-18 -Warp and Battle Pass XP x4000
  • Stage 6: ORV – Trance and Battle Pass XP x5000
  • Stage 7: Weapon XP Card x15 and Battle Pass XP x6000
  • Stage 8: SKS and Battle Pass XP x6000

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