COD Mobile Season 1 New Order patch notes

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 1 New Order update is almost here, and it’s packed with new weapons and operators. The update will be released on January 26 at 6 PM CT and the official patch notes for the Season 1 New Order update are out now.

From the content perspective, two new weapons – FR .556 and SKS, Desperado Battle Royale Class, Tear Gas, Three-vs-three mode, Reclaim map, Blitz gameplay mode and much more will be added to the next update.

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Posted by Garena Call of Duty Mobile on Sunday, January 24, 2021

Here are the full patch notes of COD Mobile Season 1 2021 update.

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COD Mobile Season 1 New Order 2021 Patch Notes

New Battle Pass

Image via Activision


  • New epic characters and epic blueprint weapons.
  • New epic frame: The Enforcer.

Premium (BP Plus)

  • Axe – Firewall
  • Charm Arcade Cabinet
  • Exe Frame
  • Dot Exe

Free rewards

Burst Assault Rifle: FR .556

  • The FR .556 will be available in tier 21 of the battle pass and can be unlocked by all players for free.
  • A blueprint of the gun will also be available at tier 50 for premium BP holders.
Screengrab via Activision

Operator Skill: Gravity Vortex Gun

  • It is equipped with two vortex bullets, which draw enemies closer and damage them.
  • When the vortex disappears, it causes an explosion damaging all enemies caught in its radius.

New Seasonal Missions

The SKS marksman rifle and the Desperado battle royale class will be released into the game through seasonal missions.

Marksman Rifle: SKS

  • It is a semi-automatic marksman rifle and has an excellent rate of fire. It can kill enemies with a single headshot.
Image via Activision

Battle Royale Class: Desperado

  • Shield Turret: Players can deploy a shield turret anywhere on the battlefield and take control of it to take down enemies.
  • Last Stand: The passive ability of this class lets players fire at enemies with their pistol if they are knocked down. Killing an enemy will allow players to revive themselves.
Screengrab via Activision

Tactical Equipment

Tear Gas

  • The tear gas is joining Call of Duty: Mobile in season one.
  • When thrown, the equipment deploys a tear gas that causes contacts to slow down, cough, and have blurred vision.

Multiplayer Update

Three-vs-three mode

  • The three-vs-three mode will be similar to the two-versus-two mode.
  • It will consist of several rounds lasting 40 seconds each.
  • Kill all three enemies to earn one point from each round. The first team to reach six points will win.
  • If no team can kill the enemies at the end of 40 seconds, a capture zone is activated for 10 seconds which can be captured for victory.
  • If no team is able to capture the zone in 10 seconds as well, then the team which has more HP will win the round.

Attack of the Undead 20

  • The Attack of the Undead is returning to CoD: Mobile as a 20-player mode.
  • Each round will last two minutes. When a survivor is killed, however, this time limit increases by 20 seconds.
  • Two players will randomly turn into the undead at the beginning of a match. For the first kill, the undead can use weapons but will respawn with a knife only.
  • The survivors turn into the undead on being killed. The undead have unlimited respawns.
  • If there is only one survivor left, a UAV will reveal their location every 15 seconds.

Advanced Headquarters mode

  • The advanced mode has a more realistic combat experience.
  • All players’ HP is reduced to 30 percent.
  • There is no death replay in this mode.
  • There will be no signal on the minimap in this mode. It will only be displayed when a UAV is used.
  • Any damage to teammates is reflected back to the player.

Reclaim map

  • It is a new Call of Duty: Mobile exclusive map.
  • Reclaim is a medium-sized map set in the shopping center of an abandoned city.
Image via Activision

Battle Royale Mode Update

New mode: Blitz

  • Each match in this mode consists of 40 players.
  • The zone is already shrunk down to a small portion of the map.
  • The zone moves faster giving players a fast-paced experience.
  • There are four airdrop boxes in a match of Blitz without any tanks.

Optimizations and Adjustments

Multiplayer mode

  • A small increase in the Man-O-War’s ammunition capacity.
  • Slightly increased the GKS reload speed.
  • Increased the opening speed of ASM10 without buttstock.
  • Increased the movement speed of ASM10 without buttstock.
  • Reduced the ASM10 range.
  • Reduced the DR-H reload speed.
  • Reduced the damage of the Annihilator to shield turrets, XS1 power armor, attack helicopters, aerial gunboats, and deformation shields.

Bug fixes

  • In the multiplayer and battle royale mode, the abnormal situation of seeing other players lying down and moving faster has been corrected.

Patch Notes sourced from DotEsports

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