Clumsy Ninja Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Walkthough


Clumsy Ninja is a brilliantly fun iOS game that kids will probably enjoy the most, but us adults will have a great time playing too. And in order to make the transition from clumsy ninja to a real shadow of the night, I have decided to create this article with Clumsy Ninja cheats, a series of tips and tricks that will help you improve your ninja’s progress and do it as fast as possible.

So let’s not wait any time and let’s check out below the Clumsy Ninja tips and tricks for the iPhone and iPad game!

1. Keep training your ninja
It’s pretty obvious that if you want to turn your Clumsy Ninja into the real deal, you will have to do some training. A lot of training actually, but fortunately, almost everything that you do with or to your ninja will give him experience. There are two different things here: XP points that level up your ninja and training through the special items like the trampoline or basketball hoops which improve you ninja’s belt knowledge. But while you wait for one to fill up (repair, as it’s called in-game), make sure to perform all possible actions.

2. It’s all about the fun
Although progress comes naturally in Clumsy Ninja, the fun is the key element here as the game has a great sense of humor. So try to perform all sorts of crazy tricks and always explore: you will find a lot of hidden stuff that you can do. Here are some examples of fun stuff:

– tie ballooons to your ninja’s arms and legs and he will fly.
– put him on the ground that continuously tap his head and he will launch like a missle on the ground.
– tickle him until he can’t stand it no more
– scare your ninja with the watermelon
– have him perform breakdace moves by quickly turning and tossing him around
– keep exploring to find your own fun stuff the clumsy ninja can do

3. Get free diamonds
Diamonds are the premium currency in game and you need a lot of them – use social networks to get a few free diamonds for liking the game on Facebook, following the devs on Twitter and so on.

4. Level up to unlock items
Even though some quests will require you to get an item that is instantly available for diamonds, the easiest way to access it is to level up your ninja and get the items for regular coins. Try to save your diamonds for when you really need them.

5. Never spend diamonds for training fixing
WE agreed that you should really spend the diamonds only when you really need them and that doesn’t include fixing items. Wait the long time required – Clumsy Ninja is a waiting game, after all, and make sure that you always use all the items before quitting the game.

6. Use the high experience items first
I think that this one is pretty obvious too, but whenever you start training, you should go for the item that gives your ninja the biggest chunk of XP points (usually the higher level item). This is the only way to progress faster, although nothing beats going through all the items, one at a time.

7. Be patient
This game requires a lot of your time, so be patient. Keep playing whenever you have the chance, but take your time and don’t try to hurry things too much. Enjoy the fun gameplay and great graphics, and grow your ninja one missed punch at a time.

UPDATE: Interested how to do the head stroke? Check out our guide here.

– We’ve published a guide on how to make more coins in Clumsy Ninja.

– We’ve also published a guide on how to get XP fast in Clumsy Ninja, some really useful tips.

And this would be it for now in terms of tips and tricks for Clumsy Ninja. Do you have other advice for fellow players? Let us know by commenting below.

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Clumsy Ninja Cheats: Tips, Tricks and Walkthough


      • This tough mission is: throw the ninja onto the trampoline sideways so that he bounces off AND lands on his feet. I have to say that’s impossible…This mission appears when you hit level 20+ and it named: FULL BOUNCE

  1. Ta Da! I got it! First, put a trampoline in the middle of the yard; when you are ready, drag the freaking ninja to the area above the trampoline, the higher the better; Last step, throw the ninja heavily onto the surface of the tramp! Mission complete~!

  2. Same issue on level 22. The video walkthroughs are great but I still can’t understand how they the mission complete on the ” throw him sideways onto the trampoline…”

  3. Nicholas – I tried your method and it didn’t “show” it completing, but then I looked and the task was complete in the task log. Very weird, but thanks for the contribution. I second Nicholas’ motion! It worked!

  4. Stuck on the lvl 30 quest, ninja fall free falling where you have to get the high tower out and then jump off and “land on something” (the iron boxes are highlighted). I’ve done this for ages and can’t get him to just land on anything. Extremely frustrating, just jumps perfectly on target and then just rolls off so all I get is 50% completion then it resets. You try enough times and then the stupid high tower goes on a 2.5 hours cool down. Anyone done this one?

    • You place the Metal Rocker on top of Large Ninja Tower and you put the ninja on top of the crate, then you let him jump. At least that worked for me.

  5. How do you attach six balloons to a trampoline? Every time I get more than six item out at one time, another item disappears. You can’t get six balloons out as well as a trampoline.

  6. Stuck on a mission called “Footloose” second task called “dedication” ok so here is the deal my mission is to complete a session with the football and than repait it but as soon as I repar it , itr esets the task any tips or something ?

  7. Does anyone else’s ipad crashed while their trying to use the in-app camera? Am stuck on level 23. Game crashed everytime trying to do the snapshot. It happened before (crashing I don’t know how many times already) but it was ok after a few tries. This time, no such luck. :(

    • Technical problem~~This happens to other app games either. It might be fixed if you restart you pad, otherwie, the bug might be fixed itself few days later. Give it a try

  8. On Level 23 one of the tasks says “clean up all ninja items and them stack two giant green crates” problem is after I clean up all the items, I put the crates down but it asks me to clean up all the items again, how can I complete this task?

  9. How do you stretch the ninjas arms out??????? I just started the game and am already having difficulties! I lift him up and it gets to lik 75% but I drop him and it goes back down to 0% what do I do??????

    • Put one of your fingers on one of his arms, and with your other hand, take your finger, and pull his other hand, did that make any sense to you? If not, reply back to me, and I’ll try and explained it better. Have a wonderful day!

  10. On level 17 one of the quest are “homeward bound” and I do not know how to get back o th ‘town’ ? I go to the map, and I click anything and everything and I ant seem how to get back!?! Please help me out!!! Thanks!

  11. Im having problems on level 39, on YouTube it shows how to rotate the elite hoop but I have no rotation tab available on mine, any suggestions please? X

  12. I don’t understas how to attach 6 balloons at the trampoline? Even if I am fast the balloons popp one after one as soon as i fill the sixth balloon!

  13. Hi the recent update huh I think by last month which has taken the fun away now the Multicolored balloons r giving only 2500 xps instead of 10,000xps as it was before and that too it costing us 2500 coins which was 100 coins before why this kinda change it doesnt mean it as an update does it?

    I’m in the level 70 now and its getting too long for me to progress thro the levels. Why did u guys remove that Multicolored balloon fun??

  14. Im stuck at “punch jump!” Mission – How to knock the ninja off the tower of stone strength crates onto the blue diamond trampoline? Please help me!

  15. I am on level 8 and I have a problem. I am trying to level up by using the basketball hoop and the spring morning trampoline. I can’t because when I took out the trampoline it got stuck on the hoop and now they are both stuck together and I can’t use either. Someone please help!!!

  16. I’m on level 54. I can’t go to the task book, it just shows the photo albums. It says I have to train but for how long and what do I train on?

    • Same trouble. I’m stuck with nothing to do to progress the quest. I can only keep leveling up slowly. The books don’t ket me do anything but read.

  17. 6 items you can buy with coins level with you and grant XP equal to you highest XP Item. Get these as soon as you can. 2 of them do not have this info in the item comment but are next to ones that do. 3 “ice” and 3 “green”. 2 tramps, 2 carve statues, a snowball you throw and a disk you throw. Just bought a new punch bag giving me 40k XP so other 6 give this too now. 7x40k etc per run. Cool game. Enjoy :)


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