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Clumsy Ninja: How to Make More Coins

Clumsy Ninja: How to Make More Coins

Getting extra coins in Clumsy Ninja is not the easiest task of them all, as items become more and more expensive as you level up and the rewards don’t seem to rise up to the standards. Still, there’s nothing else that you can do than wax on and wax off and eventually get more coins. Below we’re going to share with you some of the best ways to make more coins in Clumsy Ninja:

Keep training using the best equipment
Each of the training options (trampoline, boxing bags, watermelons and dummies) will reward you with a fixed amount of coins every time you use them until you get to three stars mastery level. The higher the level of the training item, the more money you will get. Keep training with these items and you will get not only XP, but also valuable coins.

Pro tip: Once per day only, you can Tweet about the game to hurry the repairing progress of the training items. Make sure you take advantage of this to repair your best (in terms of money-generation) piece of equipment.
Pro tip 1: The first set of items in each training category can be instantly repaired for free. Make sure you use that as much as possible to get all the possible coins

Complete quests
Even though the rewards are not extremely impressive, completing quests is the way to go: not only that you naturally progress through the story completing these quests, but you also get some extra coins.

Pro tip: Don’t hurry to complete the quests. Don’t spend diamonds on them and instead wait to level up to get the items required. Most times the quests will come before you level up. Don’t lose hope and keep training, you will get there eventually!

Get the chicken
As soon as you hit level 10, you can purchase the first money making animal. The chicken generates 50 coins only, but these come on a daily basis so it’s a great investment. Better options will follow in this category, with the likes of the Squirrel and Chest certainly putting a bigger chunk of money into your pockets each day.

Get the daily bonus
If you log in to the game and play Clumsy Ninja regularly, you will get the daily bonuses which generally offer a nice chunk of coins, but also diamonds. So make sure you log in each day and complete the requirements to get the daily bonus.

Spend wisely
It’s not really a method to make more coins in the game, but one that allows you to use them only for what’s required: spend your coins wisely by not over-buying the worthless potions or crates that offer little XP per coin. Generally, if you don’t need it – don’t buy it is the way to go!

Spend some real money
If you really want to get there fast, the only real way is to spend some money to get coins. The prices are not that bad actually, and the bag that you’ll spend the least on – the Bag of Coins – gives you enough for an easy start: 10,000 coins. I strongly recommend getting this if you’re serious about your stuff in the game.

Did you manage to find other easy ways to make more money in Clumsy Ninja? Let us know by commenting below!

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Clumsy Ninja: How to Make More Coins


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