Clumsy Ninja Head Stroke: How to Do It


One of the early tasks in Clumsy Ninja is to perform the head stroke, but we’re not told exactly how to do it. It took me quite a while to master the head stroke in the game, as it was usually resulting in me poking my ninja – even tried doing it multiple times and ended up sending the poor ninja flying in some boxes.

Either way, I am here to share with you the pretty easy (once you know it) process of performing the task. So here is how to do the head stroke in Clumsy Ninja:

clumsy ninja head stroke

With one finger, tap an hold on the top of your ninja’s head. After a short while he will close his eyes a bit and bow a little. That’s when you start swiping on his head left and right with the same finger – this is the ninja head stroke and you’ll be done with the mission.

Hope this helped! If it did and you need even more help, don’t hesitate to check out our Clumsy Ninja cheats article with more tips and tricks!

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Clumsy Ninja Head Stroke: How to Do It


  1. Can you give more details? I’ve tried for several hours already and still can’t get past this task. Getting him to bend and close the eyes was easy after your description and screenshot. But then? I used the other finger to hit his head, swipe around over his head hundrets if times already without success. If i use the same finger he opens his eyes again immediately.

  2. Use only one finger. To get the ninja move the head down, don’t pull the finger downwards until he closes his eyes. Instead, start with the finger in the middle of the nose until he looks there and follows you. Then, without moving the finger away from there, swipe a few times left and right (without moving downwards). During this process he will close his eyes too and the task gets marked as solved.


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