Clumsy Ninja: How to Get More XP / Level Up Fast


Your goal in Clumsy Ninja is to turn that little fellow into a ninja master. Of course, that is not an easy process and the best approach is to have fun while doing it, as already suggested in our cheats article. But what to do if you actually want to get more XP in Clumsy Ninja and level up as fast as possible? Well, there are some little tricks that we’ve learned that will certainly help you around:

1. Balloons, not Boxes
On a per XP point value, the easiest way to get quick XP is to buy as many balloons as possible and pop them. The Green balloon gives you, for example, 1,100 XP per balloon and it only costs 50 coins to get 10 of them. The easiest 11,000 XP you can make in the game! Also, until you get to that balloon, the slightly more expensive option – Blue Balloon is an amazing choice also.

2. Train, train, train
Even though after mastering a training item, it will not generate any extra income, it will still give you the same amount of XP. If you have the time, keep on doing the first level items over and over again – it won’t give you too much XP, but you can repair that item for free and do it until your ninja bleeds (which won’t happen, by the way). Of course, the better the training item, the more XP you will get. And the same pro tip on our guide to make more coins in Clumsy Ninja applies: use the one Tweet per day option to get that free repair for your best item.

3. Perform all sorts of actions
The head stroke, throwing the ninja around, tickling the ninja and basically any type of action you perform will give you some XP points (usually once per day). So make sure you try them all to maximize XP gains.

4. Do the fun stuff
It might not sound like the coolest thing to do – having balls thrown at you or getting through the basketball hoop, but it gives you some nice XP points, and that’s what you need to do in order to maximize gains.

5. Once an hour play rule
I have set up a rule for me: play every hour and train the ninja using the highest level option available. I always start with the easiest options (like throwing melons or the trampoline) and based on the time I have at disposal I move to the other things as well. It works pretty nice and also helps you to level faster.

6. Complete the quests
Even though the rewards are not extremely impressive, completing quests is the way to go: not only that you naturally progress through the story completing these quests, but you also get some extra XP along the way.

And this would be it for now in terms of getting more XP in Clumsy Ninja. Do you have any other tricks that you use to level up fast? Let us know by commenting below!

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Clumsy Ninja: How to Get More XP / Level Up Fast


  1. Buy leafs and bound and oak totem and winter trampline and ice sculpture etc.
    They give as much xp as highest training item which gives loads of xp


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