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Chained Echoes: Best Party Build Guide

Chained Echoes: Best Party Build Guide
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Often named one of the most pleasant surprises of 2022, the nostalgic, pixelated RPG Chained Echoes brings a solid set of characters to build your party from. However, things can get quite confusing when it comes to picking the best possible members for your team.

While the best party depends on your unique playstyle and personal preferences, we compiled a list of characters that can be a good point of reference for your experiments. Here are a few characters to help you with the best party build in Chained Echoes.

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Although Robb has a somewhat abrasive personality, you may want to stick with him for a while, especially if combined with Sienna within the same party. He is the archer of the group, and his ranged attacks leave enemies poisoned and paralyzed—which is perfect for Sienna to do her magic and deal some devastating blows.


Sienna is the main badass of the game. Her usefulness goes beyond simple attack power, since she comes with great skills that can debuff enemies. Some of her most useful skills include Petal Storm, X-Slash, and Iaijutsu. She is particularly powerful against poisoned or paralyzed opponents, so it’s a good idea to keep her in the same party as Robb, especially at first.

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Unfortunately, you do have to wait a little bit until Amalia joins your team, but when she does, you get the best support character to take over the role of the healer. Reviving allies with 100% HP is reason enough to include her in any party formation. As the fights become progressively more challenging, you will be glad you have her healing magic behind your first line of defense.


You should have Lenne on your active team for her powerful elemental damage. In addition to that, she can also remove enemy-imposed debuffs. Whether you prefer to use her for her strong spear attacks or ranged magic, she will prove herself as an invaluable part of your team.

Whichever characters you pick for your party, don’t forget to rethink your choices as you progress through the story as new abilities and weapons become available. Also, make sure to use the linking in-game mechanic, which allows you to swap characters during the battle. One good rule of thumb here is to always link characters with similar stats, so they can act as proper replacements for each other.

Let us know which characters comprise your dream team in Chained Echoes, and check out our dedicated section for more assistance with the game.

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Chained Echoes: Best Party Build Guide


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