Can You Post Spoilers For Digimon Survive? – Answered

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When it comes to story-heavy games, no one likes a spoiler. Learning about what happens before you get to that part of the game ruins the surprise. It also sours the magic of experiencing the game for the first time. Creators of visual novels are especially adamant about no spoilers, so with a game like Digimon Survive, is that the case? The question is, can you post spoilers for Digimon Survive?

Why Spoiler-Free Is Important

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Survive is around 3/4th visual novel, meaning there are a lot of storylines, a lot of cutscenes, and talking and reading involved. Because of that, it’s best to go into it without any prior knowledge. Unfortunately, the internet isn’t always a safe place for being spoiler-free when it comes to games. That’s why, in order for the launch to be a clean experience for everyone, the creators of Digimon Survive have asked players not to publically post spoilers for the game.

What You Can And Cannot Spoil

How to tag spoilers for Digimon Survive.

The creators sent out a tweet saying that because of Survive’s personal story, they would like players to avoid posting spoilers from Chapter 5 and beyond for at least two months. This means no putting major spoilers where they can be easily seen until the end of September. If you want to discuss spoilers for the game, you can use the #Digimonsurvivespoilers hashtag to do so. For other sites, make sure to only post in places that are designated for spoilers.

Why Spoilers Are Subjective

Even though the creators specified spoilers from past Chapter 5, you should use the spoiler tags for anything from the first four chapters because it’s polite. With things like this, it’s crucial to remember that what might not be a spoiler to you is probably to someone else. Everyone plays games at different paces, and it’s important to respect that.

Hopefully, this helped you better understand the rules about Digimon Survive spoilers! Make sure to learn how to also get your free Guilmon in the game.

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Can You Post Spoilers For Digimon Survive? – Answered


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