Do you want to know how is Digimon Survive’s performance on Nintendo Switch? Then check out the article below. 

The visual novel-esque tactical roleplaying game from developers Hyde, Digimon Survive, is a new entry in the franchise that features a new protagonist named Takuma Momozuka, who finds himself transported to a world inhabited by ferocious foes and new allies. While the survival element and the mix of Visual Novel and RPG genres make Digimon Survive an appealing game with a great story—the performance of the game on some platforms is where it lacks the most. 

How is Digimon Survive Performance on Nintendo Switch?

Digimon Survive performance—well, let us not use the term performance as the game hardly performs anything. Digimon Survive is a poorly optimized game on the Nintendo Switch that struggles to get 25 to 30 FPS. The game runs at 20 FPS, with major FPS drops seen during combat. 

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Digimon Survive hardly touches the 30 FPS mark. That too during attack animations and other similar cases. The worst thing is that Digimon Survive doesn’t feature too many graphics-heavy assets in any set pieces that can justify the game’s poor performance. 

We have new game releases like the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 on the Nintendo Switch platform. That features a vast open world and a ton of assets in one scene, and still, the game manages to maintain a consistent 30 FPS. 

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Even as a turn-based action game, Digimon Survive, poor optimization greatly impacts the gameplay experience, mostly vexing rather than fun. Even while accessing the menu, you face lag and constant stutters. So, for the question – how is Digimon Survive’s performance on Nintendo Switch? The answer is Digimon Survive is not yet ready to be made available to the global audience. 

The game needs some serious patching before you can put your money on it. Else, you can wait and buy the game at a discounted price. While writing this article, we don’t recommend Digimon Survive because of its poor performance on the Nintendo Switch. 

Digimon Survive is currently available on the PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. 

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