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Can You Play as a Female in Atomic Heart? Answered

Can You Play as a Female in Atomic Heart? Answered
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Character creation in video games is all the rage these days. Many games don’t restrict your preferences when it comes to skin color, face, hairstyle, or gender. This allows for more representation and, generally, makes players more invested.

In Atomic Heart, a first-person shooting game created by the Mundfish development team, players step into the shoes of Major Sergey Nechayev—or Agent P-3, if you prefer code names. Nechayev is a burly, bearded man who needs to deal with a bunch of deadly robots in a Soviet laboratory that went off the rails.

But if you prefer your video game protagonists with a different gender, you may want to know whether you can play as a female character in Atomic Heart. Let’s explore the possibilities together.

Does Atomic Heart Let You Customize Your Character’s Gender?

Unfortunately for those who are looking for more diversity and customization options in Atomic Heart, the game doesn’t let you choose Major Nechayev’s gender. You are stuck with Sergey all the way through. In fact, Atomic Heart doesn’t give much in the customization department besides different gender options.

While many games allow you to alter the character’s appearance or clothing at least partially, Atomic Heart is not one of those games. Once a big, bearded Soviet Union dude in a grey jumpsuit and a mean undercut—always a big, bearded…well, you get the point. Mundfish has decided to make P-3 a canonically male character.

Even though you cannot change anything about Agent P-3’s looks, you can still choose which abilities to spend your points on. Besides that, you can also change the appearance of your weapons using different skins. Let’s face it—since this is a first-person shooter, you might be more interested in what your weapons look like, as the only part of your character you see while playing is Nechayev’s hands.

If you’re just gearing up to start playing Atomic Heart, you may also want to know whether there is fast-travel in this game. If you’re already deep in the game, check out our guide to completing Testing Grounds 6, or let us assist you with the secret door code in Blood Courier.

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Can You Play as a Female in Atomic Heart? Answered


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