How to Complete Testing Ground 6 in Atomic Heart

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You must complete various missions and quests playing Atomic Heart. Even though most of them are straightforward, some missions are challenging even if you are a skilled gamer with tons of experience. Read this guide, and you will learn how to complete Testing Ground 6 in Atomic Heart.

Testing Ground 6: Atomic Heart Walkthrough

Completing Testing Ground 6 is a perfect way to get valuable resources in Atomic Heart. 

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  • First, you need to hack the security camera and get access to Testing Ground 6. There you will see a robot. Kill it and take a left to call the elevator and move further.
  • Once inside the facility, move left and loot two rooms with different resources. Feel free to grab whatever you need and jump over the gap to interact with the red wheel. 
  • After that, jump to the left side and climb up. Here you need to open the door and then return to the red wheel to spin it three times.
  • Once done, go forward and loot this room. Go to the left and then look to the right. You will find multiple rooms here, but you should enter the first one. Here you can get valuable resources and PM-Extended Mag.
  • After that, return to the chamber and go upstairs. You must kill waves of robots and head down using the broken turbine. 
  • Follow the first right tunnel to grab the chest with resources. Then return to the broken turbine until you meet the junction.
  • Here you need to turn left and then climb up. Here you will find a unique chest that contains Kalash-Collimator. 
  • Then get on top of the yellow boxes and find the hole in the floor. Go through it, and you will find one more chest with resources. Inside this room, you will also find a wheel. Rotate it one time and then head to the main room to rotate the wheel there. 
  • Once done, go downstairs and use handholds to enter the last room with loot. There you need to turn left and loot the last chest.
  • After looting this chest, turn around and call the elevator. Wait a few seconds, and escape this mini-dungeon with grabbed loot.

That’s it with completing Testing Ground 6 in Atomic Heart. As you can see, looting this mini-dungeon is a perfect way to get some resources in the game. Moreover, Testing Ground 6 doesn’t have any particular requirements. If you are looking for more information about this game, make sure to check our guide on how the HAWK system works in Atomic Heart.

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How to Complete Testing Ground 6 in Atomic Heart


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