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How the HAWK System works in Atomic Heart

How the HAWK System works in Atomic Heart

Security in Atomic Heart is based on the HAWK system. It controls the world with camera drones, alerts, and Pchelas, creating the feeling of fake security. And in this guide, we will talk about how the HAWK system works in Atomic Heart.

What is HAWK System in Atomic Heart?

HAWK is the central security system in Atomic Heart. It controls the entire map, maintaining security in the gaming world. The two primary purposes of the HAWK System are to repair destroyed robots and send reinforcements to kill the player. HAWK might look straightforward, but it is consistent on a few levels. Each one has a specific function.

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The HAWK System uses a HAWK and the Dandelion cameras for the observation. They are spawned across the world and can make a unique chirping noise. Cameras and HAWK are used to activate the two-level Alert. On the second level, it will send special robotic soldiers to fight you. 

Another essential part of the HAWK System is the HAWK relay, also called Volan. It is the primary building of HAWK that units and controls all the cameras in the specific region. Volan can be used if you want to disable the HAWK Security system, but it is the topic for another guide.

HAWK System also includes three types of Pchelas, Robot Assembly Plant, and HAWK Terminals. Pchelas are used for determining robots and attacking the main hero. Pchelas are generated in Robot Assembly Plant. HAWK Terminals are small computers used to control the HAWK from the ground.

That’s it with the HAWK System in Atomic Heart. As you can see, HAWK is one of the most complex security systems with no analogs in other video games. It makes your in-game experience unique and the game challenging even on the lower difficulty levels. Also, we have a guide on how to heal yourself and craft Health Capsules in Atomic Heart, make sure to read it!

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How the HAWK System works in Atomic Heart


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