Atomic Heart: Can You Fast-Travel? Answered

Atomic Heart driving
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In a world overrun by crazy robots that want to slaughter you on sight, the ability to jump from one location to another quickly would be more than welcome. And Atomic Heart, a first-person shooter developed by Mundfish, gives you more than enough enemies you will want to run away from.

Fast traveling is a common feature in open-world games that usually come with sprawling maps and numerous activities. After all, not many players want to spend too much time on just moving from point A to point B to complete another quest or get more loot. So, a justified question for Atomic Heart is—can you fast-travel in this game? Let’s get the answers right away!

Can You Fast Travel in Atomic Heart?

Unfortunately, fast traveling is not possible in Atomic Heart. The game doesn’t include any system that allows you to teleport from one location to another instantly. The reasoning behind this could be that there were no justifiable methods to include zooming between two points in a blink of an eye as the game takes place in an alternate-universe rendering of the Soviet Union in the 1950s or that the map is not too big, especially when compared to some other modern games.

Still, it doesn’t mean you must go everywhere on foot, which would take forever despite the Atomic Heart map size. You can jump in a car and immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding landscapes. This traveling method can also push you to explore more and stumble across valuable loot in different Testing Grounds. However, be careful as driving a car gets you more attention from the robots.

We hope you enjoy driving around in Atomic Heart, and if you need more assistance with the game, don’t skip our articles like What Is the Blood Courier Door Code in Atomic Heart? or Atomic Heart: Can You Go Back to Vavilov?

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Atomic Heart: Can You Fast-Travel? Answered


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