Atomic Heart: Can You Go Back to Vavilov? Answered


There are many interesting games that allow you to explore retrofuturistic worlds but it seems that Atomic Heart has some really outstanding features. In this project, you will have to travel across various locations and secret Soviet laboratories. One of these locations is called the Vavilov Complex and there are many interesting things you can find. However, at some point, you will have to leave it. This guide will tell you if you can go back to Vavilov in Atomic Heart.

Can You Go Back to Vavilov in Atomic Heart?

The Vavilov Complex is an amazing place filled with different exciting things. However, you won’t be able to stay there for long. A certain quest will require you to leave this place and you may wonder if you can come back. Today we will answer this question.

Unfortunately, according to the information we have so far, there is no way to come back to the Vavilov Complex if you leave it. So, you need to make sure that you’ve collected everything in this area. After that, you are free to leave.

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What Kind of Items Can You Find in the Vavilov Complex in Atomic Heart?

There is a huge list of interesting items that you can find in the Vavilov Complex. This list includes one of the best weapons in this game. It is called AK-47 and it will be really useful in your journey. This assault rifle deals insane amounts of damage and you can find its blueprint in Vavilov.

Overall, the location looks really cool and it is a shame that you can’t visit it again. However, there are still more locations and areas you can explore. Also, you could check our guide on how to get the Kalash AK-47 that we already mentioned. Good luck with your further adventures in Atomic Heart!

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Atomic Heart: Can You Go Back to Vavilov? Answered


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