Atomic Heart: What Is the Blood Courier Door Code? Answered

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We may yet live to see the rise of robots and AI in our lifetimes, but until that happens in reality, you can explore that apocalyptic scenario in Atomic Heart, the first-person shooter available for PlayStation consoles, Xbox, and PC.

The game features numerous locked areas that can be accessed only if you solve tricky puzzles that constantly change. If you are a completionist and want to get every single collectible or just get more ammo, then you will want to unlock them all, especially the door that hides several chests in the mission called Blood Courier close to the end of the game.

In this Atomic Heart guide, we give you the answer to the question—What is the Blood Courier door code?

What Is the Secret Door Code in Blood Courier?—Atomic Heart

While the Blood Courier mission has several door locks you have to get through to continue with the story, the one that is arguably the most challenging can be found in the nursing area of the hospital. It is in the two-level room with blue walls, a big number 7 to the right of the door, and a corpse on a gurney next to it.

When you interact with the lock, you will see that it requires you to switch on several lights, but the actual pattern is a complete mystery.

To get the code to this secret door, you will need to leave this area, head to the bottom floor, and find a room where a fire is burning. You will recognize it also by a room divider with bloody handprints surrounding two circles.

Atomic Heart Blood Courier secret door code
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If you stand a little bit to the left of the divider and face it, you should see other two bloody circles in front of you—one on the wall remains next to a nightstand (with more bloody handprints) and another on the wall of the room ahead.

The fourth part of the puzzle is an even bigger mystery. However, from the same viewpoint, you should see a poster with a picture of a horizontal cut of a human brain. That is your fourth circle that completes the pattern you need to imitate on the lock.

Now, go back to the secret door and switch on the lights imitating the position of the bloody circles you saw below. The door will unlock, and you will be able to get to the goodies from the chests.

Atomic Heart Blood Courier secret door lock code
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We hope this guide helped you to finally get through that secret door! If you need more help with the game, check out our articles like How to Use Cartridge Guns and How To Heal Yourself and Craft Health Capsules in Atomic Heart.

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Atomic Heart: What Is the Blood Courier Door Code? Answered


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