Can You Have Kids in Rune Factory 5

Can You Have Kids in Rune Factory 5?

The question of “Can you have kids in Rune Factory 5?” is surely one of the burning hot inquiries among new players of the franchise. Being a fantasy RPG game, Rune Factory 5 allows players a wide variety of choices. Players can even marry other characters in the game, including same-sex marriage. Since the next big step in a marriage is having kids, many have been wondering whether it is possible to have kids in Rune Factory 5 or not. So, in this article, we will answer this question once and for all.

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Can You Have Kids in Rune Factory 5?

Yes, you can have kids in Rune Factory 5, but the procedure of doing so isn’t as straightforward as it looks. In order to have children in Rune Factory 5, you’ll need to be married for a minimum of 20 in-game days, and only then can you start discussing the topic of children with your spouse.

Once it’s been more than the said amount of days, your spouse will mention wanting to have children when you talk to them. You can reply either yes or no and you can also revisit the topic at a later date. This isn’t a new feature of the franchise, and veteran players will be familiar with the concept of having kids in Rune Factory 5.

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Can You Have Kids in Rune Factory 5


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