How to Build Monster Barn in Rune Factory 5

How to Build Monster Barn in Rune Factory 5

Many different JRPGs have been released for Nintendo consoles, and Rune Factory is one of the most popular game series of this genre. The game has many activities, including farming. And in this guide, we will tell you about how to build a Monster Barn.

How to Build Monster Barn 

Farming is one of the main activities in the game, and since this is a fantasy world, there will be various monsters and dragons on your farm that will help with the harvest. Monster Barn is a building that will allow your farm to thrive, as it houses the monsters you catch. As you bond with your tamed monsters, you can ask them to help out with farming duties. In the Monster Barn, you can take care of them, feed them, and groom them with a brush. You will receive this brush for completing a mission from Ryker. He will ask you to build a Monster Barn, but that might not be easy.

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First, you need to go to Studio Palmo. There, you have to talk to the seller to go to the renovate menu. In the list of possible buildings, you will find Monster Barn and see the necessary resources. Here is the list of items you’ll need:

  • Lumber – 50
  • Material Stone – 30
  • 100P

You can collect these resources by clearing your fields, or you can take them from Burn Dragon. When the resources are collected, you can choose a name for the Monster Barn and build it. You will also need to choose where to place the building. We recommend choosing your Home. And you’re done, now you can catch different monsters and place them in the Monster Barn.

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How to Build Monster Barn in Rune Factory 5


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