Obtaining Vail of Vessel in Terraria

The inattention of developers often leads to undesirable consequences. There is not a single project that would work 100 percent correctly because there are always so-called bugs. Terraria is no exception to the entire list of these games. But it’s worth noting that with each update or patch released, the project is gaining more and more fans thanks to the increased content and bug fixes. But they still exist. And some of them can be turned into your benefit.

Bugs to Copy Items in Terraria

Item cloning is a huge problem for open servers with players. The player who dupes (copies) materials has a huge amount of game currency, the best equipment, and weapons. Unfortunately, all the fun of the gameplay is reduced to zero. Many players come up with a huge number of different ways to duplicate items. But in our guide, we will consider the general method:

  • You need to create a copy of the game world and transfer it to any location on the disk.
  • Enter the game world, pick up the items from the chest that need to be duped, and transfer them to your inventory/piggy bank/safe.
  • After transporting the items, exit the game.
  • The player needs to delete the old world where he copied items, and transfer to its place the backup copy of the world that he created earlier.
  • After you do this, the things will be both in the chests and in the hero’s inventory

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Fishing Bugs in Terraria

Fishing is one of the additional parts of the game, which allows the player to cook food from the catch and create powerful potions. But the bugs in Terraria can be used in this area as well.

  • You need to go to “Settings” and enable the “Auto pause” option.
  • Bring your fishing rod, bait, and any useless items with you in advance.
  • Go to the pond where you want to fish and start doing this.
  • Then you should go into the hero’s inventory and throw out unnecessary things or blocks.
  • After that, the player discovers that after closing the inventory, an additional float has appeared.

This method of throwing things away can be repeated several times, and the result is a set of floats that can be pulled out at once and get a large amount of loot.

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