BTD6 update 32.2 is finally out! With that, we have prepared this handy guide that shares the BTD6 update 32.2 patch notes while talking about the full list of all changes and bug fixes that the new update has brought along. 

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BTD6 update 32.2 patch notes mainly focuses on the changes made to the CT, aka Contested Territories game mode, based on user and internal feedback. Apart from that, the latest update also adds a ton of Quality of Life features like CT event prop to the main menu to indicate live events, visual feedback for Master Builder’s self-boosting effect while resolving many bugs and known issues. 

So, without further ado, let us check out the latest BTD6 update 32.2 patch notes for complete details on all official changes and additions. 

BTD6 Update 32.2 Patch Notes – Full List of All Changes and Bug Fixes

Here are the complete patch notes for BTD6 update 32.2, that officially released on August 23, 2022. [Source – BTD6 Official Reddit]

Upcoming CT Event Settings Changes for 2nd event

In response to internal review and community feedback on the first Contested Territories (CT) event, we have made several changes that will be in effect for the next CT event. We will also share a roadmap soon for other CT changes planned for future updates.

  • CT Event #2 will run for 7 days – everyone agreed the first one was too long, so we will now try 7 days on, 7 days off and be open to future duration tweaks
  • Degradation back to neutral timer increased from 24 to 28 hours – coming back the next day at a similar time and seeing your owned tiles neutral if not captured was disheartening. We increased to 28 hours so there is a window of overlap that will not throw off point balance too much. We want to make small, iterative changes here as there are many balance consequences.
  • Degradation curve changed to maintain the challenge of beating the new best score for longer – tiles will now not degrade at all for 4 hours, then degrade more slowly from there and not reach such high values at the end of the curve
  • Team creation cost will be increased significantly – we elected to have generous Team creation with the low 200MM cost and that helped generate a lot of Teams, but many players seemed to create Teams and join an instance only to not participate. By increasing this cost to 2000MM we are making Team creation a more considered decision, which we hope will direct more casually interested players to join already created public Teams
  • Added 3 buckets of matchmaking to pool teams together with others of similar activity – we’re not giving much detail here intentionally, as it is complex and iterative but the intent is to connect similarly motivated Teams together

New Additions

  • Added CT event prop to main menu to indicate live events
  • Added more detail to tile capture messages in the team feed
  • Added visual feedback for Master Builder’s self boosting effect
  • Added popup for unlocking Team Flair items
  • Added hover info to ‘kick pending’ in teams
  • Added a “score eco” stat to local Teams score UI, which displays the current expected score increase when scores are added to the leaderboards – intended to clarify the relative rate of earning for each Team and inform tactical decisions about which tiles and ownerships to go after
  • Added player Online status settings for friends & teams, with Invisibility settings for privacy
  • Added player restrictions preventing team hopping during active CT events
  • Added pages to Friend’s Teams tab for better organization
  • CT Tile Victory will no longer display rewards that you didn’t earn (CT Points/Relics) if you beat the map but did not beat the capture score
  • Technical integration of to enable curator codes – we will share more information about this separately when sign-up pages are ready


  • Purchasing Hero Booster from the upgrades page now refreshes the UI correctly to display the new level
  • 042 Dartling Gunner no longer loses lead popping on the ability
  • Resolved an issue where the save state of ultraboost stacks would be forgotten after creating Master Builder
  • Resolved an issue where camo trap could miss DDTs if another Bloon passed over it at the same time
  • Resolved an issue where selling an IMF Loan at the same time and taking a loan would not immediately try to pay back the loan with that tower’s sellback
  • Resolved Bloon Traps re-placing within the map terrain after reloading a save
  • Resolved xx2 Spike Factory buff applying to other towers & allowing extra buffs to be applied
  • Some Master Builder Sentries will no longer see but fail to hit Camos
  • Resolved a crash that could occur with xx4 Necromancer
  • Royal Treatment relic now allows Psi to target Purple Bloons
  • Bigger Bloons Sabotage no longer also applies to Boss Bloons
  • Relic related Life/Shield regeneration functions should no longer interfere with Mana Shield
  • Resolved a crash related to restarts in Monkey Teams
  • Fixed some UI softlock scenarios
  • Local co-op lobby once again shows cosmetics of the lobby host
  • Team Vice Mayors can have leadership transferred to them without having to first be demoted again
  • Resolved some CT messages not displaying through into Team Feed
  • Resolved an error that could occur removing team members
  • Resolved some incorrect localizations with Teams & CT
  • Resolved a common crash on the CT Base Island menu
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when returning to main menu from a race defeat
  • Resolved a crash that could occur when leaving menu after joining a guild
  • Resolved issues with ghost notifications in the team inventory tab
  • Resolved Team Join button sometimes failing to work & a few other Team Join related issues
  • Resolved a crash that could occur logging out on Android devices
  • Resolved an issue introduced in 32.1 that would cause some players to see an empty ‘global teams’ field in their CT rewards

BTD6 is currently available on Android, iOS, PC, and macOS platforms.

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BTD6 Update 32.2 Patch Notes: Full List of All Changes and Bug Fixes


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