In today’s article we will share with you everything you need to know about how to unlock more characters in Brave Nine. There are quite a few ways of getting more characters, and we are going to cover all of them! 

So if you already know by now, you can reroll your picks. That’s one of the very first things you should consider doing when you are starting off the game.

If you want to know what we mean by this, check out our reroll guide as well as our Brave Nine tier list to know exactly the heroes you need to keep an eye out for!

Thus being said, let’s not waste another second and reveal to you how to unlock more characters in Brave Nine, shall we?

– When you first create a character you will receive several Free Premium Scrolls. Use them to summon mercenaries 10 times.

– Perform the Daily Free Mercenary x1. This resets every single day and you get a chance to summon anything between 3* and 5* mercs.

Save up Diamonds and summon with Diamonds! I would suggest that you save up 900 Diamonds and purchase the Mercenary x10 from the Legend menu.

For more details about Diamonds, take a look at our article which explain to you what to spend Diamonds on. This 900 Diamonds merc summon will add up to the Mileage (more about this below).

– Purchase the Legend Scroll Package for 600 Diamonds. This is one of the best purchases and this can be done 3 times a week at most. Come back every week and try your luck with it again. 

– Use the Ancient Coins for one super strong Legend hero! Once you collect 1500 Ancient Coins you can choose one super strong mercenary.

The ones you can pick from are the Dominus Octo ones (Seto, Beliath, Mamonir, Velfern) or one of the Six Devils (Refithea, Angelica, Alec, Granhildr, Nartas) – yes, there are 5 because the 6th one cannot be purchased with Ancient Coins.

– Once you have enough Mileage points you can perform a good summon here. With 100 Mileage points you can summon a 3* hero, with 1000 Mileage points you can summon a 4* hero and with 4000 Mileage points you can summon a 5* hero.

I suggest that you save up those points because they are really hard to get and require you to spend a ton of Diamonds.

Once you have collected 4000 points, you should see a 5* Selection Ticket. That means that with 4000 Mileage points you can summon a 5* merc of your choosing (hint: get Seir if you haven’t got her already).

– Use the Friendship Points for summoning heroes. The heroes you can summon with Friendship Points aren’t that amazing, and are mostly mercs that you use to feed the others.

However, it’s good that you summon them if you want to improve your already existing heroes.

– Use the Class Scrolls for specific class heroes! These scrolls can be acquired from quests as rewards so make sure you use them to summon whenever possible. There are 4 types of scrolls:

– Supporter Scroll: Summons a 3* – 5* Support mercenary.

– Magician Scroll: Summons a 3* – 5* Magician mercenary.

– Defender Scroll: Summons a 3* – 5* Defender mercenary.

– Warrior Scroll: Summons a 3* – 5* Warrior mercenary.

Normal Mercenary Summon will summon Normal (Silver Star) Mercenaries which you can use to improve your good Golden Star Mercenaries. You will obtain these Normal Scrolls from completing quests and Campaign Mode.

Log In to the game for free Mercenaries. When you Check In to the game (log in game) you will receive daily new items, among which are some mercenaries and random mercenary scrolls. 

– Last but not least, is complete the Campaign Modes! When you complete Campaign stages you will receive several 3* and 4* mercenaries which you can add to your team or use to improve your other mercenaries. 

Some Campaign Mode rewards are one time only, which means will give you the reward only for the first stage completion. Others, you can basically farm that stage to get the mercs. To learn how to defeat all enemies make sure you take a look at our game guide

Also, don’t forget that there is a Hard Mode and Normal Mode! Check out the rewards for each of the stages underneath its level! The ones from Hard Mode can give better rewards, such as very good EXP and better Mercenaries.

These are all of our ways that you can unlock more heroes in Brave Nine. If you know some others that we have missed to mention, make sure you share them in the comments below so everybody can learn!


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