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Brixity Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More

Brixity Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More
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Brixity is a surprisingly in-depth city-building game. There are many objects to construct, resources to gather, and exciting activities to participate in. While the game looks simple at first, that impression may be deceptive since there’s so much to do.

That’s precisely why we created this Brixity strategy guide. We’ll tell you how to get a hang of the basics and use your resources wisely. And if you want further explanation of specific game elements, you can check out our articles on how to find more Brix, get Healing Essence, or gather Happiness Points in Brixity.

Tip 1: Create buildings that get extra resources

The Hot Dog Stand, one of the buildings in Brixity that earn you Coins
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Although you’re free to build whatever you like in Brixity, you’ll want to focus on the buildings that rewards you with extra resources like Coins. For instance, the Hot Dog Stand produces more Coins when you hire more Pipos. On the other hand, the Fountain of Wishes gives you both Coins and Happiness Points.

Although you’ll get some resources simply by building any structure (in particular, every completed building gives you Healing Essence), the best strategy would be to complete more valuable buildings as soon as possible. Remember, such buildings produce resources over time, so the longer you have them in your city, the more resources you’ll gather!

Tip 2: Don’t go wild with purchasing plots

Purchasing a plot in Brixity
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You can buy more plots to expand your city in Brixity. Purchashing plots is absolutely necessary at some point since you’ll run out of space for new buildings. However, you shouldn’t forget to pace yourself when expanding.

At first, you’ll have more than enough Healing Essence to purchase every plot surrounding your starting territory. However, it would be best to approach the expansion strategically. Rather than wasting your Healing Essence without a plan, try to flesh out what your city will look like initially and how it will grow. The better you map out the directions of expansion and what you’ll build where, the more optimized your setup will be and the better your city will look.

Tip 3: Get engaged with the community

Play Square, one of the community hubs in Brixity
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While it may play like a single-player city-builder, Brixity places a lot of emphasis on the community. From interacting with other players and exchanging ideas to getting new blueprints to and from others, connecting with the player base is a highly rewarding experience.

Players can gift Special Brix to one another, buy blueprints, and visit each other’s cities. You can even participate in mini-games or host your own for your city’s visitors. The Play Square feature offers particularly interesting opportunities in that regard. Whatever you want to do, it would be a waste to miss out on community activities—they’re the soul of Brixity!

Tip 4: Participate in events whenever you can

Brixity Events panel
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When it comes to gathering resources in Brixity, events can help you stock up much faster. Plus, these special occasions represent a fun departure from the standard gameplay. Not that there’s anything wrong with building and developing your city, but some extra activities will refresh your complete experience. Between the extra resources and gameplay alternatives, events in Brixity make the game more engaging.

This concludes our guide to making your city in Brixity a complete success. You can find even more tips and tricks for other games in our Game Guides section, so dive into that if you’re eager to learn!

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Brixity Strategy Guide: Tips, Cheats, and More